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Decisions are made on emotion, and justified with logic.

While many companies spend large amounts of money and time on hard data collection and analysis to make business decisions, it’s only one piece of the puzzle.  The softer side of the equation which takes into account relationships and gut feelings is equally, if not more important. In truth, the go-ahead with a deal or decision is often made based on “business instinct”. Of course the numbers have to add up and the technical details have to be right, but the yea or nay really depends on how it feels. Let’s say you’re presented with two options and both cost the same and have exactly the same merits, how would you choose?  The odds are very high that you’ll gravitate to the one that intuitively feels “right”.

And so it is with your customers, management, team members and other stakeholders. Using only the left, analytical side of your brain may give you an unbalanced perspective.  But when you combine it with the intuitive part of your right brain, your decisions will be more balanced and less risky. Dive beneath the surface to tap into the real feelings of your customers and business partners, and you will enjoy greater success.

Laura can help your organization by showing your team how to harness their intuition. She offers two key programs for companies:

These programs are designed to help you and your team:

  • Improve relations with prospects, customers, bosses, and internal and external partners
  • Make better business decisions
  • Meet strategic objectives
  • Increase sales, profitability, and overall business success

We can also put together a customized program delivered on a consulting or coaching basis.

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“You have definitely chosen the right path.  You have such a gracious and warm demeanor, which allows people to put their trust in you. We will recommend you highly!!” ~ Lisa

January 1, 2014