FIX Code

What is the FIX CODE?

A quick and painless miraculous method that takes your biggest problems and immediately has them taking a back seat = Freedom, inner peace and YOU out of your flipping story! End the suffering. No more drama. Period.

After 20 years of testing numerous techniques (like Spiritual Response Therapy, EFT or Tapping, Live Your Purpose out of the Lessons, the 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want and Past Life Regression work) to help people grieve, get direction, receive profound guidance and the big one…Get out of their own way, I’m convinced the easiest and fastest way to inner peace NOW, in this very moment, is the F.I.X. CODE.

It’s a combination of about 5 different techniques all in one. It’s a 10 minute relaxing meditation that allows you to deal with the big issues one at a time that you may have been harbouring since you were born. In other words, shedding the baggage that you came in with and have been coping with your whole life. Your very first session will tackle the top offenders. Subsequent sessions have you feeling freer and lighter each time.

The F.I.X. CODE is the ultimate clean up and soul whisperer.

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