Intuitive Mediumship Sessions


When a loved one passes, it can leave us in a state of confusion, sorrow, doubt, and fear.  You and your family members may have unanswered questions and important feelings you want to express. Or perhaps you’d like some direction and support on the next stage of your life journey. Having personally experienced this situation when she suddenly lost her father, Laura understands how overwhelming it can feel.

Laura has been gifted with a very clear and loving connection with spirit. With warmth and empathy, she’ll connect you to your loved one who’s passed, providing an opportunity for comfort and closure. Get guidance and ask the questions that bring resolution and healing to you, whether they include the questions below, or ones more specific to your situation:

  • Are they at peace?
  • How do I release this relationship and move forward?
  • How do I find forgiveness – for them or me?
  • Where do I go next on my journey?
  • Are they watching over their loved ones?

Laura offers sessions for individuals, couples or families. While Laura travels extensively, her schedule is adaptable and thanks to technology such as Skype, you can connect with her wherever she happens to be in the world.

Session TypeFee
60 min Individual Session150 CHF
2-3 hrs Individual Session375 CHF
Group Session*380-500 CHF
*Group sessions are 2 hours, price according to numbers.

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