Meet Laura Heselton


Every day through our decisions, actions and most importantly our beliefs, we create our lives. As a lifelong seeker of spiritual and global adventure, I’ve been blessed to have one of my life’s dreams manifested – to travel and experience the world in the personal, professional, and spiritual realms. Over the past 20 years, I’ve lived, worked, and studied in many different cities in Canada, Switzerland, the U.S., France, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

During my travels through these countries, I trained with some of the most gifted intuitive professionals to sharpen and deepen my intuitive gifts. I shared that knowledge as I travelled – delivering hundreds of workshops and personal sessions to help people gain clarity and direction in their lives.

Words inspire.  Beliefs transform.

Laura-on-BeachI’m delighted that the most frequent feedback I get from workshop participants and clients is that I inspire them, which actually means to commune directly on a spiritual level!  This is precisely what my work is all about – connecting with spirit. Inspiration is the spark for new insights and the first step in unlocking the potential that lies within.

And when spark is held to flame, it can blaze the path to profound and lasting change. My energy and passion for guiding people out of their comfort zone and into the zone of unlimited possibility ignites transformation.  As a result of changing core beliefs, my clients often soar to new heights in their personal and business lives –climbing peaks they previously believed were beyond their reach.
Today I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland, and travel internationally to offer my intuitive gifts to individuals and groups.  In addition to speaking, coaching, and mediumship, I’m excited to be authoring a book about my experience as a medium.  It will be published in 2016.

I look forward to helping you unleash your untapped potential.  Learn more about what I offer for:




While living in Paris 10 years ago and working as a filmmaker, I made a trip back to Canada to visit friends and family. One old friend was going through a difficult divorce and asked me to go with her to see a psychic.

I was intrigued by the thought – so off we went. The psychic’s name was John, and he was the real deal. With my permission, he tuned in to hidden thoughts and feelings and accurately predicted a number of significant events in my life. I was floored – and at the same time a seed had lovingly been planted in my subconscious for future development.

While some might call it coincidence, I believe the universe set in motion a series of events that day that put me on the path to becoming a medium. As it happens, I was the last person he gave a reading to before he switched gears in his career and life – after that, he left for Europe to help Interpol crack a high profile child prostitution and drug ring.

Stunned and excited by the experience, I immediately began writing an outline for a film script when I got back to Paris. The story revolved around an expat artist discovering her psychic ability, which nearly destroyed her marriage and resulted in an abrupt change in life and career. Little did I know the woman I was writing about was actually me – and that I was about to encounter the biggest challenges of my life.

Within six months I moved to Zurich. And then with no warning, my cherished father died. Reeling from shock and pain, and distraught at being so far away when it happened, I sank into a state of confusion and questioning. I desperately wanted to speak to him one more time. I wanted to know he was okay. I wanted to know what to do and where to go in my life. I needed answers.

In my confusion, a question nagged at me – was I being guided to explore and hone my psychic abilities so that I could help others heal from the loss of loved ones? Or was it about developing the perfect character for my movie script? Could it be possible the universe was knocking on my door while I sat slumped in the darkness?

Setting my fear aside, I opened the door. I decided then and there that I wouldn’t let limiting beliefs hold me back on my path to spiritual freedom. It felt great. But like all journeys that are worthwhile, my faith was tested along the way. The toughest challenge was the lack of understanding, acceptance or support from loved ones about my direction.

But I persevered, knowing in my heart I was on the right path. And as my intuitive skills deepened and expanded, so did the support and validation I longed for. At first it came from the individuals and families I helped through heartache and struggle, and then slowly it spread to include some of my loved ones.

The 10-year journey hasn’t been an easy one, but I know it’s the only one for me. And I know I can help you find your path, too – one that is filled with joy, reward and meaning!

With love,