Animal Communication Sessions

animal-communication-400When a special pet passes, it can leave us in a state of great sorrow, doubt, and feeling rattled.  You and your family members may have unanswered questions and important feelings you want to express. Having personally experienced this situation three times over with the lost of her dogs, Laura understands how overwhelming it can feel.

Laura has been gifted with a very clear and loving connection with animal spirits. With warmth and empathy, she’ll connect you to your beloved pet who’s passed, providing an opportunity for comfort and closure. Get guidance and ask the questions that bring resolution and healing to you, whether they include the questions below, or ones more specific to your situation:

•  Are they at peace?

•  How do I release this relationship and move forward?

•  How do I find forgiveness – for them or me?

•  Where do they go?

•  Are they watching over me?

Laura offers sessions for individuals, couples or families. While Laura travels extensively, her schedule is adaptable and thanks to technology such as Skype, you can connect with her wherever she happens to be in the world.

Session TypeFee
60 min Individual Session150 CHF
Group Session*380-500 CHF
*Group sessions are 2 hours, price according to numbers.

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 “It is inevitable in life that there will come a time when we have to say goodbye to a loved one. Until recently we weren’t aware of just how difficult that time would be.

My husband and I are so fortunate to have a beautiful friend in Laura Heselton. On several occasions over the years she has shared her ability to allow loved ones who have crossed over, to speak through her with amazing clarity and with the recent loss of our sweet dog, we once again experienced the true comfort of Laura’s magnificent gift.

As Laura travels extensively, she had never met little Ruby in person and didn’t know her history. Laura’s ability to hear and translate Ruby’s story was nothing short of remarkable. Many, many comforting moments were shared but this one stands out among them.

Confused by the images she was receiving from Ruby, Laura asked us, “Why is she showing me cheese? She keeps showing me cheese in her mouth!”

A puppymill survivor, Ruby had little human contact before we met at the Humane Society. In order to gain her trust before bringing her home, we visited her everyday for two weeks and on each visit carried small bits of cheese with us. On arrival we’d call her, “Come Ruby! Cheese!” So we bonded as a family over cheese!

Thank you Laura for your love, and for never doubting the good you do for the world and for sentient beings on both sides of the veil.

Much love to you dear friend” ~ Mary & Paul