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Xinalani, Mexico      April 6-13, 2019


 “Spirit Talk 2019: Igniting the Feminine”                   7  Relaxing Days   


April 6 – 13, 2019

2019 Spirit Talk Xinalani is all about going in to unleash and harness the incredible power of the intuitive feminine – the you on fire! Come explore the diva, siren, feline and Goddess in you. Being a powerful but gentle woman is an art. Through this transformative week of rest, relaxation, meditation, and movement see your inner and outer empowered female come to life. Truly own your space and your truth. Ignite!  Here’s what it felt like…Click here.

Retreat | Relax | Rejuvenate

7 Nights including 3 delicious gourmet meals, daily “Spirit Talk” classes with Laura Heselton and Kristi Stangeland, meditation, yoga, activities and airport and boat transfers to Xinalani.

Laura Heselton, a well-known international medium, meditation leader, healer and intuitive coach will share her remarkable ability to tap into your feminine super powers, motivate, energize and enlighten you.  Joining Laura to ignite the fire in you, is Kristi Stangeland, feng shui master, mediation and energy shifting expert.

Contact me to reserve your spot asap!!!  (Room allotments are half sold out already and choice ones go first.  )

To book go to Wassermann Retreats!  Cathy Wassermann will look after your every detail to get there!

Here’s what one attendee experienced…Click here.

And is it worth a week away?  Hear why….Enid’s very personal take on retreating.



Rangeley, Maine, USA      August 16-19 , 2019

5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want

Rangeley, Maine, USA   

Take aways:

Laugh, learn and connect — to the ultimate power of you.  Once you know how to harness this energy, you’ll be doing the maximum you can do as a human being to attract it….Be the best most powerful loving version of yourself and then be able to pass that learning on to others.

In between daily meditation, workshops and qi gong,  go for a hike, swim, paddle board. And yes, eat! You’ll eat fabulous food that caters to your dietary restrictions. Come enjoy it all. Oh yes!  Don’t forget to book a massage with Heidi or a private session with Laura or Kristi.  Check out our magical location in Rangeley, Maine:  click here.

What you will gain:

  1. A system of manifesting that will change your life forever
  2. Be empowered by your own amazing intuition
  3. Harness this power of your inner wisdom, trust it and live by it
  4. Learn hands on exercises that will demonstrate just how powerful you are
  5. Gain clarity, inner peace, direction, confidence and lots of tools to take home
  6. See how and why you attract the kind of people you do in your life
  7. Learn the secret of the “Bumper Car Effect”


  • Friday – Monday, August 16-19 , 2019


  • Arrive on the Friday for welcome drink before dinner.   Leave on Monday after breakfast.  Check out extra bonus offer on the flyer.   Click here for details.


  • Indian Point, Rangeley, Maine USA  (Map)


  • To book click here for more information for price breakdown for weekend – $450USD Early Bird Special until July 15th.


Click here for peace, focused calm and fulfillment will be yours. You’ll be doing the single most important thing you can do. Stop and get clear on what you want to ensure it will find you.

Individual, Group or  Retreat Trainings

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 “Intuitive Intelligence” is our wiser higher self

This year, book your own private or group training to tap into your super powers!  Inquire how to start unleashing and harnessing the incredible power of the intuitive feminine in you.  It’s your “true north”, your soul calling!

Learning simple meditations and exercises will have you knowing the difference between your thinking self and your all knowing self.  Contact me to reserve your spot asap!!

To get started meditating, click here.  Get your “Intuitive Intelligence”

FREE 4 Part Video Series

Meditation: Want To Know What The Buzz Is All About?

Click here for your gateway to inner peace and fulfilment

International Workshops and Private Sessions

A new collaboration…

Power Up and Feel Good!  (Virtual Event Option) 

One universal truth exists for us humans – we all love to feel good.

And to stay feeling that way, we not only can unravel the mystery of its cause, to shift our “dis-ease”, but we can choose to open to have some fun together to see what the miracle of meditation, connecting with spirit for some healing energy to see what it can do for you.

I believe Einstein said,

“Medicine of the future will consist of distracting the mind long enough to allow the body to do what it does naturally… heal itself!”

If you like this kind of playful distraction, and are as curious as I am to let this totally non-logical phenomena occur first hand, we have a fun idea – a bit of an experiment.

A Feel Good and Power Up experience for all of us. A virtual get together
to give us whatever boost of power we are to feel.

Relax, meditate and discover.

Laura: Will lead a transformative energy shifting meditation to balance and power you up.  Plus an intention setting exercise.

Date: Coming near you!  

Time: 17:00-18:30 pm
Place: By Zoom invitation only, please
RSVP that you’d like to let spirit move you by participating on the next zoom call!

Let see if it blows your hair back.


Come join in.  We look forward to hearing your feedback!

R.S.V.P.:  email me

See you on Zoom!


Check when I’m in your area to join in or tell me you need me and form your own group. Mediumship Sessions, Demonstration Q & A , Live Your Purpose, 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want or Intuitive Intelligence Training workshops are available, and I’ll see what we can do to accommodate your schedule.

Private sessions are always available by Skype or telephone. Contact me for more event details.

New!!  Retreat Trainings

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