Workshop: 5 Steps to Getting What You Want in Business (Full day workshop)


This program is designed to identify your goals and determine exactly what you’d like to create in your business life, whether it’s achieving certain strategic objectives, sales targets, relationship successes, or other goals. During the workshop, you focus on the 2 key areas most important to you. You’ll use the power of visualization, gratitude, and intuition to bring your goals and desires to life.

Using interactive exercises and a customized workshop workbook, Laura will provide you with guidance on how to:

  • Uncover and clear the limiting beliefs preventing you from what you desire
  • Navigate and stay true to the road you’ve chosen
  • Follow the signposts and directions to get you where you want to
  • Locate and steer clear of potholes along the way
  • Fill the tank with a new set of empowering and enduring beliefs

By fully engaging your mind, your heart, and all of your senses in the discovery process, you set the stage to manifest all that you want to accomplish in your work life.

Workshop Fee: 5,000 CHF + travel expenses

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