Workshop: Intuitive Intelligence in the Workplace (3 Hour Workshop)


Have you or your colleagues ever gone ahead with a decision that didn’t feel right and then later paid the price? For example:

  • Making a hiring decision that you regretted?
  • Getting burned in a deal because you ignored something that didn’t sit right but signed the contract anyway?
  • Losing a business deal because a prospect backed out for no apparent reason, even though you sensed something was amiss?
  • Forging ahead with a decision based on data even though you knew on some level should’ve been delayed or cancelled?

During this workshop, Laura will teach participants how to:

  • Learn to decipher intuitive intelligence from mind chatter or imagination
  • Listen to and harness the power of their own wise inner voice
  • Trust their instincts
  • Feel confident in their decision making – using both their right and left brain
  • Anticipate the needs of their customers, colleagues and  business partners

Participants will leave feeling energized – with tips, exercises, and suggestions for honing their intuitive skills and incorporating these practices into their daily business lives after the workshop.

Workshop Fee: 2,500 CHF + travel expenses

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