Manifesting: Give your left judging brain a rest!

Podcast 2016 from Costa Rica

Meditation is a skill that will allow you to access information on demand and help you avoid prolonged periods of painful indecision with answers, plus it can be part of your manifesting strategy. Yes, it takes practice to listen and trust your sixth sense or Intuitive Intelligence.

Next time you lose your keys, stop and take advantage of that moment. Calm down, disengage your thinking brain and go quiet. Hear your intuitive voice tell you exactly where they are. If that fails, then go through your mental check list, but try your intuition first. Gets you use to going there and BELIEVE me, it works.

At the very least meditating will…

Lower your blood pressure
Help manage stress better
Increase self and body awareness
Reduce negative emotions
Improve focus
Increase a willingness for personal growth in all ways

Look for the launch of my brand NEW meditation CD called INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE. Coming soon!