5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want

Last night I was invited to talk about how to get what you want using my 5 Proven Steps program to the Basel Conscious Connection Network. The group was amazing, open minded and they did the single most important thing you as a human being can do to begin the process. Step 1 - get clear on what you really really want! Ask yourself what is lacking or not very satisfying in your life. Rate it on … [Read more...]

Foreboding Premonition

Many years ago, my two sons, a snowboarding buddy of theirs and I went for the day to the local Braunwald ski hill here in Switzerland about 45 mins from Zurich.  I can't remember why I chose to not bring my skis, but I ended up renting.  I was the last one in our group to get on the hill and we agreed to meet at the top chair lift.  As we finally got to ski together, both my skis started to do … [Read more...]

How to “Cook” Success!

  At age 5 Sanders father died. At age 16 Sanders quit school. At age 17 he had already lost 4 jobs. Between ages 18 & 22, he was a railroad conductor & failed. He joined the army & washed out there. He applied for law school he was rejected. He became an insurance sales man & failed.  At age 20 his wife left him and he became a cook & dishwasher in a small … [Read more...]

Laura’s Intuitive Intelligence Meditation CD is Coming Soon!

  Hi, it's Laura Heselton, International medium and your intuitive coach. I'm really excited today because I've got something coming to the pipeline that perhaps I have mentioned to you before. It’s called the intuitive intelligence meditation CD that I'm about to launch shortly. Why Should You Meditate? So I just want to let you know about it coming and also say why should you meditate? … [Read more...]


Are you as clear of what your mission is in life, as this incredible young lady, Nada Al-Ahdai from Yemen? Has your life defining moment arrived or have you found your "it", your life purpose?  If not, watch this and be inspired.  https://www.facebook.com/amrhamedtaher/videos/10154093091424901/?pnref=story   Now – stop and ask yourself , what trajectory are you on? What about … [Read more...]

The World Without Us

Recently my son gave me a thought provoking book to read from author, Alan Weisman who wrote "The World Without Us", a thought experiment. You know how much I love thought experiments. His new book is called... "Countdown". Unlike his last book which 'imagined' a world with out us, "Countdown" is about how we could "add Homo sapiens back into our world's picture in harmony, not mortal combat, … [Read more...]

4 Feng Shui Tips For More Wealth & Happiness

Here are some quick 'fixes' for your office, bedrooms and front door area from Feng Shui consultant, Kristi Stangeland.   Put a new intention into an object or area in your house you would like to work on. Tell it what you want the change to do for you. If your staircase in your entrance directly faces the front door, you can hang a crystal between the door and the stairs. The idea … [Read more...]

If you won’t, life will: That’s this New Moon Eclipse Energy

With the 1st of two New Moon-Solar Eclipses this month, energies and emotions will be firing up, it’s not just a ‘good’ time, but a ’great’ to get crystal clear, committed and be sure of your intentions. Stronger energies Energies at this time will be stronger, more influential and therefore more important to you than ever. Be sure about your direction and where you want to focus your … [Read more...]

Are You Winning?

To really 'win'....This year is really all about change - the change of facing your old subconscious programs that aren't serving you any more. You may have thought things could continue along the way they have in the past,(sometimes even choosing to stick with a painful 'familiar').  I can tell you first hand, the more you hold on screaming and shouting, the less pleasant it will get.  If … [Read more...]

Why is a mirror facing the front door bad Feng Shui?

As an expert who works with invisible "energies" every day, it's not surprising I like to make sure that my environment, which can and will affect me, is taken into consideration.  Namely, the energy or Qi that flows, or isn't flowing, according to the ancient Eastern practice of Feng Shui.  If you haven't had your home or condo "Feng Shui'd", you might want to consider it. I had an expert in.Let … [Read more...]