No! No! No! You can’t have that!

  I was recently away skiing  (tried with a broken toe) and ended up down in the spa area chatting with an Italian physiotherapist, Stefania  Zenier about her biggest complaints she hears from clients about their physiology and new year's resolutions in regard to fitness, diet/detoxing and healthy or not so healthy regimes or practices.  Have a listen. CLICK HERE TO WATCH. One of … [Read more...]

Manifesting: Give your left judging brain a rest! Podcast 2016 from Costa Rica Meditation is a skill that will allow you to access information on demand and help you avoid prolonged periods of painful indecision with answers, plus it can be part of your manifesting strategy. Yes, it takes practice to listen and trust your sixth sense or Intuitive Intelligence. Next time you lose your keys, stop and take … [Read more...]

Be Beautiful! Be Ageless

  Be Beautiful! Date: April 30, 2015 Time: 6:00-9:00 Location: 305 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto                                                           Cost: $39 with light refreshments   Discover how you can find your inner beauty — beauty that will radiate outward and help you look younger and more vibrant! Professional Feng Shui Consultant Kristi Stangeland will … [Read more...]