Own your Intuitive Intelligence: Advanced (2-day workshop)


This workshop builds on the intuitive skills and insights gained in the Own your Intuitive Intelligence: A Primer workshop.

If you’re not regularly tuning in to your voice and gut feelings, you could be wasting valuable opportunities and not even know it! It’s time to fully activate your higher consciousness and unlock your intuitive capability. In this insightful seminar you’ll learn to use your intuition to make better decisions about life, home, career, love and other areas of your life. You already possess intuitive ability – now you just need to nurture it to reap the full benefits.

In this experiential workshop you’ll learn how to use intuition to ignite your inner power, create opportunities and change limiting behaviors to create the life you truly want. Through a variety of exercises to help enhance your natural abilities you’ll learn how to:

  • Create your future instead of waiting for it
  • Unleash your hidden potential
  • Know and trust your purpose
  • Face your issues and heal your life
  • Gain a greater understanding of why you attract certain people and situations

Make it even more enjoyable by grabbing a friend or two – or pull together your own group of friends, family or co-workers for a private group session.  Maximum size: 20 people.

Fee: 375 CHF/person

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