What If … we could be healed… of anything!

What if anything was possible? …What if we could all be healed?

Nick Ortner - The Tapping SolutionThe other day I received an email from Nick Ortner. He wrote the book ‘The Tapping Solution.’  I watched his powerful YouTube video about The Tapping Solution Foundation’s efforts to help heal people using the method of  EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) or “Tapping”. Recently, they went to assist after the tragic massacre of Sandy Hook. I love what Nick and his crew were able to do. They went and tapped and brought emotional release therapy to those poor people in Sandy Hook, USA.

This reminded me of something my brother had asked when I was co-producing “What If” the movie; a documentary film based on the theme that ‘anything is possible.’ My brother’s question had been: “If there are these ‘miracle workers’ who can heal people, then why aren’t they going into hospitals and making people better?” My brother had a point. These healers are out there in the world performing their small or big ‘miracles.’  You’re probably just not hearing about them. People like Terri McKinnon in Oshawa, goes quietly into hospitals regularly and does just that.   Terri has been told by the administration that on the days she goes in to bring healing energy, the level of medication usage goes down. Small as it may seem, it’s a measurable effect, but not widely known.  

Then there was this incredible Russian teacher that I met in Prague. His words still stay with me even though I interviewed him a long time ago.  

At an impressionable age in high school, one of his Russian teachers had brought him along to a spiritual group gathering. It was here that he discovered he was actually a very gifted healer, channeling an Indian Deity. He then used this gift and went along with this group of healers to a hospital of over 200 beds. They were keen to offer their healing skills and to see what they could do to assist. I believe, if my memory serves me well, that in the course of two weeks every patient walked out healed. This included a severely injured patient who had been in a brutal car wreck and had been in traction. 

Why didn’t they keep practicing their healing? They could have cleared all the Russian hospitals of patients and then moved onto the world! 

It’s sad, but human nature had a part to play in all of this. They had to stop and disband because the egos in the group became a problem. So much so, they could not continue. 

There are times that I wonder…Did any of the individual healers continue to heal others?

Maybe you have come across them somewhere or have encountered your very own ‘Terri’ or ‘Nick’ at work.