Family Matters

FamilyThis week, I got an email from a loving cousin of mine who is from north of Toronto and was heading out to Vancouver to go visit her mom, who is now living there with her brother. We planned to try and connect her mom with her dad, who had passed away. Of course, it’s out of my control if her dad would grace us with his bigger-than-life self, but wonderfully he accommodated us.

I find it so interesting because you’d think that knowing the person already would make it impossible or at least harder to give a reading, but it was amazing. My uncle was able to come through with all kinds of things I couldn’t possibly have known.

Our loved ones on the other side are, of course, with us every day and can comment on unique or specific things going on in our lives.  Like my uncle informing me of my aunt’s problem with her right eye (and that whole side of her body) or symptoms of her daughter, my cousin whom I haven’t heard from in years.

Those who have passed can also quote events or things happening right now or in days gone by to say, “I’m with you!” They can quote dates of significance that I wouldn’t know, like an anniversary or when they became a Masonic Lodge Grand Master, showing me the ‘fez’ and all. Even items around the house – literally anything they know they can trigger a thought in their loved one’s mind, to have them know what they are talking about to try and further deepen the connection.

It’s all about the person receiving the messages and their ability at the time, or later, to allow the meaning to come to them; to notice what bubbles up in their mind, to acknowledge what they are feeling and to interpret or connect the dots.

The amazing thing that brings me to tears (ok, there are a lot of those things!) is their divine timing and pure emotion of desperately wanting to hug, send love… or more. Eek! Ok, not for a niece! We’ll keep it clean, auntie.

But back to the timing. Remember, they’re right here talking with us, so they can see who will walk into the room, anticipate it, tell me to talk about it just as the person enters. That way, they can start chatting with the person – my cousin in this case – quoting all kinds of ailments, childhood remembrances or whatever they know will ‘speak’ to that person. They’re total opportunists.

Sometimes the tricky bit of being a medium is that I have no idea about the meaning of the message I am giving. I have to trust that I pass on just what they are giving me, and it’s not until the person validates what their loved one is saying that I get any idea if I’m on the mark or not. The kicker is when those from the other side give information emphatically, but no one knows what they’re talking about. When this happens, I generally find that the information is for someone else, whom those present are to play messenger for, or it’s for later, for a moment no one (on this side) can foresee. I always say “Please write it down” and trust it will all become clear – at some point. Oh! How I love to hear the stories of what comes up later!

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