Are You Winning?

To really 'win'....This year is really all about change - the change of facing your old subconscious programs that aren't serving you any more. You may have thought things could continue along the way they have in the past,(sometimes even choosing to stick with a painful 'familiar').  I can tell you first hand, the more you hold on screaming and shouting, the less pleasant it will get.  If … [Read more...]

Fighter or Quitter?

Did you know that most people QUIT their New Year's resolutions after 8 DAYS!  Are you a quitter or a fighter?  A friend of mine says "I don't make resolutions!  I manifest."   The whole trick is to pick one NEW little thing you can do everyday that turns into a healthy habit and gets you closer and closer to what you want to have, do or be.  Whether it's giving up that teaspoon of sugar in … [Read more...]