Are You Winning?

A will to winTo really ‘win’….This year is really all about change – the change of facing your old subconscious programs that aren’t serving you any more. You may have thought things could continue along the way they have in the past,(sometimes even choosing to stick with a painful ‘familiar’).  I can tell you first hand, the more you hold on screaming and shouting, the less pleasant it will get.  If we won’t change life, life will change us.


Maybe you’ve notice circumstances or unpleasant encounters with people at home or work suddenly coming up forcing the situation to take a life of it’s own. Lord knows it’s been the case for me, even to a point of a burst blood vessel popping in my left eye.  You can picture it, like a steam train blowing a gasket.  It wasn’t and still isn’t pretty, because my buttons were being pushed and it’s really hard not to react. Knowing and trusting that it’s all happening for a reason helped me to calm down to see the situation and the other person for what they are;  my teacher. Whether they will do the same…Let’s just keep this about you and I.  It’s our subconscious programs, or our ego coming up, it’s a chance to shift it to deal with it better. A wonderful, but at times painful opportunity for us and those we are engaging with, to grow, or not. 

My advice, is to go through this period of change being as flexible as possible. And just as importantly, take a deep breath and “Keep Calm, but don’t just Carry On”. Subconscious programs are always running and if button pushing situations are in your face, it means it’s time to do something different – that is, if you want to get more of a happier and healthier mutually beneficial outcome verses a painful old ‘familiar’.  Your health and well being with thank you for it.  So will your partner!  

The same “will to win” needs to apply to you being the better version of yourself and loving your self even more to show up who you want to be.  As corny and as timeless as that sounds, it’s truly winning the game. 

A tip for a guaranteed change for the better, is to come from a loving place.

If situations or arguments are reoccurring, leaving you feeling horrible and definitely not at peace with your self or the other people in your life, check out your subconscious button pushing programs or ‘blockers’ to your happiness here:  

Know yourself better and the best version of you will show up for sure!