Laura’s Intuitive Intelligence Meditation CD is Coming Soon!


Hi, it’s Laura Heselton, International medium and your intuitive coach. I’m really excited today because I’ve got something coming to the pipeline that perhaps I have mentioned to you before. It’s called the intuitive intelligence meditation CD that I’m about to launch shortly.

Why Should You Meditate?

So I just want to let you know about it coming and also say why should you meditate? What are the benefits? Well one, if you tune in to that quiet moment, when you get out of your story so you lose all that tension, aggravation, and complication you got in your life. And as Edison always said, the health of the future… the medicine of the future is getting the thinking brain out of the way long enough to let the body do what it does naturally which is to heal itself.

This Meditation CD is Specially Made for You

I made this CD for you because I’m sure you’re just a little bit curious about how I developed that ability to listen to my intuitive intelligence so through the four tracks, you’ll find that it’s a bit of a developmental thing. And, as an extra bonus, as you go along, you actually get all the physiological, emotional, mental benefits of meditation.

So look for another announcement for the launch of the meditation CD called intuitive intelligence. Look forward to talking to you soon, take care, bye