Welcome to The Meditation Video Series

Laura Heselton welcomes you to her five-part video series about everything you want to know regarding meditation.

Hi it's Laura Heselton, International medium and intuitive coach. I'm here today to talk about my up and coming video series that I'd like to do about meditation. 

So it's gonna be a series of videos, approximately about Five or Six, and in this video series, I'm gonna take you through all the different things you're gonna wanna know. What is meditation? Why meditate? What are the benefits? How do you meditate? And of course, how do you integrate it and make it part of your life.  

It's actually a fantastic tool not only to develop your own intuitive intelligence but actually you get all the physiological benefits. What are these physiological and scientific benefits that have been found? 

I'll be right back to you with that video, take care and I'll see you soon.