5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want

Last night I was invited to talk about how to get what you want using my 5 Proven Steps program to the Basel Conscious Connection Network.
The group was amazing, open minded and they did the single most important thing you as a human being can do to begin the process. Step 1 – get clear on what you really really want! Ask yourself what is lacking or not very satisfying in your life. Rate it on a scale of 0-100% – 100% of course being totally satisfied. We “took our pulse” or did a bit of a time capsule of how each person would rate the key 11 areas of their lives.
Then we took it further and looked at what out of all the things they rated low and needing improvement, were actually a priority at this moment by ranking them 1-11.  # 1 being the top thing they truly want to fix and put energy into.
Next, the key is to take only the top 2 choices – gives more focus more power and we begin the real process of removing what always gets in the way – your subconscious life lesson “blockers”. Do you even know what they are? I love diving in with people to call them out to help you do an over ride!  What ever they are, be assured they can be dealt with.  SRT(Spiritual Response Technique), past life regressions, numerology and more.  Explore! 
It was fascinating to see just what the top two areas in their lives were that were pressing. For this particular conscious living crowd, the majority opted to work on Health as #1 and Career plus Friends/Family were tied for #2.
To address the Health issue asap and give you a kick start, the key is to tackle the cause of all of your ‘dis-ease’ and symptoms – your whole self – mind, body and soul. Some know triggers can be your environment, your relationship dynamic, attitudes, beliefs, karma, out of balance chakras, stressors or not so obvious past life baggage or familial life-limiting patterns passed down through generations holding you back. A great deal of illness, imbalance, can also come from not being in alignment with your life’s purpose – not being who you know you want to be or not being able to fight whatever is stopping.  Everything then feeds this feeling.
One thing you know for sure, you don’t want any of that hanging around making you sick. One way to start releasing is to actually learn what your subconscious “blockers” are. They are your blind spots, life lessons. And these programs will just keep coming up to sabotage you from being truly free and powerful in all ways.  IE. Health, relationships, wealth, etc. You know exactly what I am talking about. You’ve felt the pain of these factors. To better move forward, let’s begin clearing:  get clear.
Mastering yourself is true power.”
      -Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher.
Once you’re super clear on your ‘blockers’ or sabotaging programs and you’ve done some releasing to over ride them, then you’re ready to harness the power of  the other 4 Steps of the process.  The 5 Proven Steps will literally launch your desires to the moon and back.  Trust me – I just used it to get the speaking engagement – all it took was a thought of feeling it was time to get back to sharing the power and magic of the 5 steps with you and 30 minutes for it to appear!   5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want.  CCN Basel called me “out of the blue”.  I love this kind of blue.  The field – unlimited energy and possibilities.
Doing what you came here to do and be IS THE GOAL. That’s being a loving balanced and healthy individual in relationships. Able to share that with the world around you. Not having any really needs, means you can then turn to someone else and help them get to that point.  Complete health – peace of mind, body and soul.  It’s a process to be love itself.  
I’m loving being on the journey with you.   What an honour.