Patricia Switzerland

“I was not sure what to expect when I requested a past life regression consultation from Laura. I was open minded about the possibility but with perhaps a hint of skepticism. It was very emotional, yet extremely relaxing. I came away from my consultation noticeably happier than I had felt for some time, with a very strong feeling of inner peacefulness”. ~ Patricia, Switzerland … [Read more...]

MG Toronto

“I had doubted my own ability to access past life information regardless of the circumstances.  Laura’s methods took me gracefully down a path of visualization and realization that have made it impossible for me to doubt any longer.  Thank you Laura, for information about myself I could not have accessed any other way. I’m most grateful to you and spirit for a wonderful life affirming experience.” … [Read more...]


“Thanks for allowing me to look in on my mother - I later thought that maybe by sending the message that she was her most authentic self as a young girl, she was urging me to look back to my own childhood for clues.” -- Vicki … [Read more...]