4 Feng Shui Tips For More Wealth & Happiness

Here are some quick 'fixes' for your office, bedrooms and front door area from Feng Shui consultant, Kristi Stangeland.   Put a new intention into an object or area in your house you would like to work on. Tell it what you want the change to do for you. If your staircase in your entrance directly faces the front door, you can hang a crystal between the door and the stairs. The idea … [Read more...]

Why is a mirror facing the front door bad Feng Shui?

As an expert who works with invisible "energies" every day, it's not surprising I like to make sure that my environment, which can and will affect me, is taken into consideration.  Namely, the energy or Qi that flows, or isn't flowing, according to the ancient Eastern practice of Feng Shui.  If you haven't had your home or condo "Feng Shui'd", you might want to consider it. I had an expert in.Let … [Read more...]

Be Beautiful! Be Ageless

  Be Beautiful! Date: April 30, 2015 Time: 6:00-9:00 Location: 305 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto                                                           Cost: $39 with light refreshments   Discover how you can find your inner beauty — beauty that will radiate outward and help you look younger and more vibrant! Professional Feng Shui Consultant Kristi Stangeland will … [Read more...]