Welcome to Part 4:

How To Integrate Meditation Into Your Life

Watch this video to learn about how to easily integrate meditation into your life and provided tips on how to stick and be consistent with your meditation regimen.

Hi it's Laura Heselton, International medium and intuitive coach. 

Now today's video is all about how to integrate meditation into your life. Well, like exercise, the key is you just have to do it. So the key is to the 'how you meditate' and what you choose -your method of meditating is really is individual as the person.

So now that you've already discovered your 'how', you'll try and do it whether it's walking, running, exercising or literally how I got started which was to sit-down, pick a place, absolutely everyday, same time, same duration, and just do it.

So as you can sort of see, I'm out in nature, I love to go for walk or get some exercise first thing in the morning; that's my time. And then, what I do is after my workout, that's when I do my meditation. It's just my kind of routine, it's my flow. Do you have to exercise before meditation? Of course not. But the key here is to ask yourself what's your motivation? How are you gonna do it? What's giving you the reason and the impetus to do it? And then to incorporate it and to literally do it.

So same time a day, same duration, same kind of how, go there, do it, and get started. so that's the how to integrate it into your life if you're sitting at your desk and just before you start your work day, maybe you like to do it then. Maybe at a break to just make sure you're throwing your shoulders back, you're doing a few exercises to loosen up because keyboarding can be very bad for your neck, your posture, your arm, everything, you can cause a lot of problems.

So integrate it to your work life, however it is that you're going to do it. And in case you need a little bit of help, because it's great to have somebody take you along and do a guided meditation. Some people prefer to do it themselves so what I did was I created a tool and i'll show that with you afterwards and it's a meditation CD called 'Intuitive Intelligence' and it's available on iTunes or CDBaby as a download and mp3 file.

It's great because this will take you through the process that I went through as an intuitive to develop my ability as well and to learn how to meditate and it's very progressive. So you know, the first track is to get you to learn to relax, go quiet, go in and listen..

Second is all about really balancing yourself and really grounding yourself and getting your energy so that it's positive, centered, and quiet; you know, without the monkey-mind.

Then the third one is a magical one, it's the one where you literally get a chance to go and practice using your intuition -to really go in and listen to that voice. And then the fourth track is for those people that are ready but that point or are ready right from the beginning to do their own self-guided meditation where I get you quiet and relaxed but then you just go off and you allow yourself, your soul, your intuition to take you wherever it is that you're meant to go at that moment.

So, I hope that tool helps, meditation is bringing it for so many different reasons as you know so goodluck with integrating it and try buying the CD 'Intuitive Intelligence", maybe that'll give you a little bit of a kickstart to get into the habit.

Key is, don't quit after eight days. That's when people mostly with any new year's resolution quit. The key is you gotta do something for at least thirty days for it to become a habit.

So goodluck with that and take care, and have lots of fun and relax and enjoy. cheers, bye!