Welcome to Part 3:

How To Meditate? 

Watch this video to learn how and where to meditate as well as what you should feel when meditating.

Hi it's Laura Heselton, International medium and intuitive coach.

Welcome to today's podcast on how to meditate. Now as you can see, I'm way out in nature, it's absolutely gorgeous, it's a lovely path, you just take a nice walk. Walking is a fantastic way of how to meditate. Walk along [starts walking], you start breathing [inhales deeply] it's a great method and it actually gets you a chance to clear your head, focus on.. listen to the sounds [pauses and listens] or maybe you'd like to focus on your breath [inhales and exhales slowly].

Those are ways of concentrated attention and that's what meditation is all about is -going into a kind of a listening mode, a quieter mode.

Typically we think of it meditation is people sitting there, focusing and breathing. Well, meditation can take many many forms. One, again, a great way to start is just go for a walk. 

Do some exercise. Have you ever noticed how you can zone out when you're on the treadmill, running or on one of those 'stairmasters'? The idea is to get lost. The idea is to get into this brain frequency where you actually have all those benefits we mentioned earlier about lower blood pressure, increased concentration, hyper-creativity, Serotonin -happy drug getting fired..

So, if it's not going for a walk, or it's not exercise as your means of meditating, the other way, the more classic way that we all think of that the Buddhist monks do and so on to get into these deep states is they all sit down and you probably heard that they keep their backs straight. What's with the back being straight, right? Well that's because when your back is straight, your chest is out and your lungs are open. And you can take really nice, deep breaths.

Now the 'how to' meditate traditionally is to get yourself in a comfortable position, again, back straight so you can really just do deep breathing and you take deep breath into your nose [deeply inhales through the nose] and what you wanna try and do is fill your lungs and then fill your abdomen all the way out so you get the full expansion and the fullest and the deepest breath you possibly can.

That's all on your in breath and yes, meditation is all about going to the breath and that's how we go in. So taking a deep breath in.. [deeply inhales through the nose] ..and then out. And that's how you just keep going and focusing on your breath.. take deep breaths in.. and out.. in and out, in and out, and you just do it in an easy pace, whatever is comfortable to you.

As you keep breathing, and focusing on your breath, you'll start to notice that some thoughts will kind of come in and start playing in and out. And that's okay, that's normal, that's what this is all about -is acknowledging those thoughts, thanking them for coming, but just not giving them any attention, just let them come and in and out, in and out, as much as they're coming, you're allowing them just to go.

It's not about trying or about stopping your thoughts. It's more about just being relaxed, and allowing. So breathing in and out, breathing in and out, allowing your thoughts to come and go and just being in that moment, closing your eyes, focusing on your breath. And if your thoughts take you away, just let your thoughts bring you back to your breath and that's a great way just to come back into the calm, in to the quiet, into that listening, meditative mode.

Just to see what you're supposed to experience and that's it, you just stay with your breath.. and stay in the moment, enjoying the relaxation, and do it for as long as you want. You can even set an intention for a meditation at the beginning of it. And then when you finish, just gradually come back, feel yourself back in the room..

Those are just some of the "how's" to meditate. And in the next video, we're gonna talk about how do you integrate and all that into your real life and make it part of your routine. So that's it for today.

Take care, enjoy, talk to you soon, bye now.