Welcome to Part 2

Why Should You Meditate?

Watch this video to find out why you should meditate and how meditation can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

Hi, it's Laura Heselton, International medium and intuitive coach.

In the last video, we talked about what meditation was and in this video, we're gonna talk about 'why meditate?', what's in it for you?  

Well let's start with the one benefit that we all know why I started and why I made a CD about meditation is that I wanted to desperately go in to tap into my intuitive intelligence and actually go even a little bit further is to become a medium.

So that's just one benefit but i've talked about the top seven. And the top seven physiological, emotional, mental benefits of meditating. Now the second benefit is you've heard of 'Nirvana', the feeling of wellness, the feeling of peace on Earth, that goodness, that sense of inner peace. Well funnily enough, it's actually a little bit of chemical too because when you meditate, a happy chemical, happy hormone called 'Serotonin' is fired through your body so it's actually quite chemical.

Serotonin which is a natural chemical produced by the body which presents as kind of feeling well-being, that's what happens when you actually meditate! And the wonderful thing about Serotonin is it's an inhibitor to 'Cortisol' and Cortisol is actually the drug or the hormone that's produced in your body when you get into stress situations or emergency situations like fright or flight moments.

Now, the trouble is that's really great because it actually elevates your sugar levels, it gives you a boost of energy, clarity, for hyper-clarity for a moment, and it's really great for survival tactics and it's terrific, it's what comes when we are in those panic moments. But the problem is if we have that for a prolonged period, those elevated levels of Cortisol just aren't healthy for our body.

And so that's why meditation is so wonderful because Serotonin gets excreted or gets produced I should say, and that suppresses the Cortisol. So good combination, that's number two. Now number three is not gonna come as a surprise to you. It's lowered blood pressure. Now, can you imagine? Meditation, you go in, you get quiet, and actually your blood pressure drops. Now go figure. Imagine how much we'd have saved on medication if our regular practice every morning and maybe every evening as well with meditation.

Benefit number four is all about enhancing your grey matter. The grey matter in your brain which means if meditation can do that, it actually is adding to your longevity and specially supporting your short-term memory function and memory functions. And who doesn't want that?

Number five is an amazing one. So remember we mentioned about 'Serotonin' which is like a happy chemical being excreted into your bloodstream when you meditate? And that it gives you this overwhelming, wonderful sense of well-being? Well, it turns out that this is the most.. meditation is the most targeted, natural, side-effect free medication that you could ever take if you're ill. Because in the state of well-being, in this chemical state that you're in, it actually accelerates and helps your body's healing process. So it's the single most important thing you could do to support any kind of treatment you're having for any kind of illness. Pretty amazing, eh?

Okay now, tip number six benefit for meditation, you might not even relate it to meditation but it actually encourages.. as we know it's for concentration, knowledge.. but it also talked about freedom and 'Nirvana'. Well the interesting thing is because of the frequency and the chemical state your brain is in when you meditate, it actually really encourages hyper-creativity. So if you need some new inspiration on the job or you need to come up with something, meditation's your key.

Now benefit number seven. Meditation is absolutely brilliant for manifesting, setting your intentions, getting clear in what you want in your life so you can use it for anything even if you wanted to use it against jet lag for the next time you flew to make sure that you didn't have as much of a side-effect from flying.

So there are your top seven tips on why to meditate, why it's beneficial to do so and in the next video, we're gonna cover the 'Hows'. How do you go about it, what's it all about. So join me then, take care for now, bye bye.