Welcome to Part 1:

What is Meditation?

Laura Heselton defines meditation and talks about the concept and basics behind meditating.

Hi, it's Laura Heselton, International medium and intuitive coach here to talk to you about what meditation is.

Meditation was started in fifteen hundred BCE by the Hindus actually, we always associate it with the Buddhist monks but in fact, it started even a little bit earlier and then continued on.

And even though it was started in this vain of relaxed concentration and having a spiritual connotation, today we found that meditation's gone mainstream, especially the mindful meditation which is a tool to get you out of your stress, your strain of your life, and to just kind of go calm and to get some objectivity to sort of see that what you think is so stressful and difficult to handle is actually just more your perception of the situation. 

So what meditation is is a tool for any one of us to actually find, sure, you can call it heaven on earth because it's that peace that you're seeking, that inner-peace that you want, and two, is it's a fantastic tool to come back into yourself. To find direction, to find knowledge, peace of mind, and good health. 

Now, science is showing that there is actually a lot of physiological, incredible benefits that all of us can have. So not only is what is meditation; it's a great way to go in, it's a great way to find yourself, get that inner-peace as I say, "Nirvana", that enlightened-feeling, but it also gives you objectivity and gets you out of your story. 

So, that's what meditation is and the next thing we're gonna discuss is why meditate"? What are say the top seven benefits to meditating?  I'll get back to you right away with those. 

Take care and I'll see you soon.