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April 2014  Vol 1, Issue 1


FieldIt’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s going on. As some of you may know, I’ve moved back to Switzerland, in our old condo in Meilen along Lake Zurich. Besides another move (into spring) here, I’ve been busy ‘building’…. a European business, a new web site and a whole bunch of new offerings for you.
One you’ll love…. I’ve been interviewing some experts in the field, on topics we all wonder about but are afraid to ask or hadn’t dawned on us. Like my first interview with Dr. Caroline Bono, the Keep You Happy Intuitive Coach and Energy Manager from Zurich, Switzerland on the topic of “Spiritual Foods: Do certain foods enhance or block your ‘gifts’?” Check out what Dr. Bono has to say below.

It’s my pleasure to now offer you my complete collection of one-of-a-kind programsthat have helped thousands of individuals all over the world to facilitate their awakening of their ever expanding, personal journey. With my three hour primer class, Own Your Intuitive Intelligence, you can increase your number of ‘aha’ moments and fine tune your ability to listen to divine wisdom or intuitive intelligence.

By continuing on with my two day advanced Intuitive Intelligence program, you’ll learn to feel, hear, and trust your inner voice as well as begin a more empowered way of living by it.

Maybe you’ve suffered a shock or loss, need comfort and support, or you are curious enough to explore mediumship. This year is my 10th anniversary of uplifting and connecting loved ones who have passed away with those left behind seeking answers.

I’m always so honored to have your loved ones come through with their wonderful personalities, stories of reminiscing, traits or idiosyncrasies and sometimes blazing good humor!  I love holding people’s hands as they take their first or multiple forays into the ‘impossible’… When my father passed away, he came to visit me and chose a pain in my arm to show he was there! Then the lights, fax machines, computers or anything electrical he could get his hands on! Do you have a similar story to share? I’d love to hear it.

If you too have had a loss or a shock (or maybe you would like to lose your job or lover), you might like either my Live your Purpose, Live your Passion (“LYP,LYP”) or The 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want.

LYP, LYP is a three hour eye-opening numerology session exploring why YOU came here to this planet to be you. You’ll uncover what your life lessons are, why you may find it a challenge just being you sometimes, and what is always getting in your way, i.e., your hidden ‘blockers’. And best of all, discover your unique life purpose or passion.

We’ve spoken to your soul and heard its cry to be freed, to live beyond limits! Next jump into The 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want, an empowering and enlivening program where you take your dream, the impossible dream, and take it to the moon.  You’ll be buzzing and rushing to get there. The final, 5th step is actually one of the most important in steering or creating the life you’ve always wanted – following your intuitive intelligence!

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Spiritual Foods: Do certain foods enhance or block your ‘gifts’?

DrinksThe whole concept of ‘spiritual foods’ hit me recently when I started to have the ‘thought’ that I needed to do a detox. Other than the obvious coffee or wine or whatever not sitting well with me at the time, this urge came with thoughts of a kind of contract or understanding about to take place. There was a seed planted, a nudge, to begin channeling; allowing spirits to literally use their voices or physical selves instead of mine to deliver the messages.

Do psychics, mediums and healers know if certain foods make them more effective as spiritual in-betweens?  I put it to some experts in the field.

When I asked Dr. Caroline Bono, the Keep You Happy Intuitive Coach and Energy Manager from Zurich, Switzerland about this idea, she replied, “Each individual is different.”  As she put it, “Some foods, drinks, additives, etc., can affect each person in various ways.  Some give energy and some take it away.”  Her guidelines:

  • There are no rules.
  • If you insist on a rule, it’s that your body knows best.
  • Let it dictate the way forward at each point.
  • The key is to be aware of how various foods, snacks, drinks, alcohol, meat, etc. affect you individually.
  • If a certain food or chemical or drink leaves you feeling tired or not great, leave it out.
  • It’s possible that for a certain period in your life, your body doesn’t want or need a specific food.
  • You will know; listen and follow your body’s guidance.

Everyone’s energy levels vary, but keep in mind that energy, or rather positive energy, is what channels spirit the best.

As Dr. Bono says, “Do what is joyful and energy giving.  Don’t do what isn’t.

Some spiritual energy grabbers or blocks:

  • Addictions – eating, drinking or indulging in substances which don’t make you feel better or joyful, but you indulge in them regardless.
  • Going on a diet, going vegan, vegetarian or fruitarian at a point when the change will increase the stress in your life (and therefore stress your body).
  • For both of the above examples, the paramount thing is not eating or drinking what brings stress to your body.

I also asked Dr. Bono about alcohol.

Dr. Bono says, “For some intuitive people, alcohol leaves them feeling tired and sleepy.  For others, it loosens them up and relaxes them. It allows their left-thinking brain to get out of the way.” For Dr. Bono, the latter is the case; she can be so clairvoyant, she sometimes has to leave a gathering or decide not to drink alcohol.

As for chocolate: If your body digests it well, with no adverse effects or addiction tendencies, it can give you pleasure.  Eat it!

The idea of life is to not suffer, but to live blissfully!

As my new tag line suggests….

Live beyond limits!



How Do I Know?

LakeAbout 10 years ago when I first moved to Zurich, I was working on a film outline about a woman living abroad who comes into a psychic ability …. when BAM!  It suddenly became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was so confused as it unfolded. Was I intended to be a psychic or just write about one?

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