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May 2014, Volume 1 Issue 2

SoloLake2As I sit at my desk at home facing Lake Zurich with the rain having just stopped and the sun trying to come out on the green hills on the opposite shore, I wanted to share a bit about my recent trip to Montreal, Boston and Toronto.Not only had Spring arrived in time, but I met some amazing people on this Mother’s Day trip! Some of the readings I did were presents from daughters to their moms, and it was so special having both of them there to witness some of the ‘aha’ moments the moms received. Mediumship continues to leave me in awe of how it works – its just so loving. A message that was reaffirmed was that we really need to cherish and validate our loved ones who have passed away. Imagine when it will be us trying to connect!We had some brilliant intuitive readers attend the workshops.  At the Toronto workshop, one person brought an item to have read and another participant across the room literally stated, “I get Eastern Canada,” and even went so far as to be specific to add “Newfoundland.” The item was about a loved one who had passed from Newfoundland. It was amazing. This went on throughout the weekend, as our wonderful group got one hit after the other. Everyone had a chance to ‘get something’ and prove they are incredibly intuitive! We even tried using pendulums that our dowsing expert, Kristi Stangeland, provided.

Then to top it off, in Boston, a cuff link was read for the psychometric intuitive exercise. Someone in the group said, “This item was not handed down, but rather found.” It was true; before an old coat of a loved one was given away, the cuff links were discovered in the pocket. ‘Found’ versus passed or inherited. Remarkable!

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about their experience:

“Liberating and spiritual.”

“I didn’t think I could “intuit” or be intuitive but my experience proved otherwise.”

“Well, I have learned that my dreams, experiences are not “weird” – they are reality.  Listen to them.”

It was truly inspirational to see how empowered each individual felt leaving my workshop.  This is one of the many reasons why I love doing what I do.  Thank you to all those who came out, for opening up and sharing your gifts.  You truly made the day(s) so special!

Now, before you scan down to read my latest interview with Andrea Connell, a gifted Canadian intuitive on the fascinating topic of “Free Will or Fate” – ie. Do we have blue prints that are written in stone or are we free wheeling? … I want to encourage you to look at what you actually believe and hold dear. Ask yourself where it came from and if it’s serving you. What if our thoughts fuelled by our emotions actually create our individual reality and therefore, our free will is the control we can exercise. Enjoy!

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BlueprintThis topic of free will and the possibility of there being ‘Life Blue Prints’ is a fascinating subject, quite individual, maybe even controversial.

I reached out to someone I felt would be considered an expert, Workshop Leader, Healer and Intuitive Life Architect, Andrea Connell from Peterborough, Canada.

Andrea interestingly studied Architectural Technology and was a builder for some years prior to entering the metaphysical field, so ‘blue prints’ of any kind are not new to her. I asked her about her ideas about free will and our paths being written in stone or fate.

She said, “We do love that concept of blue print don’t we. It’s quite a linear way of looking at it.” Andrea sees it as being more like layers combined with the “right use of free will”.  The layering of our reality is constructed up of:

  • Reality that is so close and tangible, real
  • Un-manifested reality, which is the potential, the high probability of coming into being, that with the right action, free will, make it manifest or not
  • The Mysterious, like things that ‘come out of the blue’ – the bit that pops up while you’re busy manifesting, imagining the un-manifested potential and it just arrives unexpectedly. The part that with hindsight or 20/20 you couldn’t have imagined, but can now see as what it was – perfect

Andrea further explains the concept of “Right Use of Free Will” as being our ability or responsibility to wield our power of free will as co-creators, caregivers of our planet. To use our will with integrity, we must be sure to keep the “essence of being in service and the interests of the greater good in mind”.

Here is Andrea’s take on how it all works:

  • We are co-creators
  • Karma plays a role
  • Manifest to not control or disempower others
  • Avoid creating dependencies or a need for dependencies or approval of others or for others
  • It all doesn’t have to happen in this life time
  • Be fully present of your choices and decisions
  • Fear is our only barrier and it comes from us
  • Again, we’re here to be of service

In closing, it’s said that you’re the architect of your life. If you don’t like the blue print, get a pencil out and draw a new one. If you need a drafter, get some help. And maybe add a bit of magic, “the impossible”, to it! …. With “right use of free will.”

Remember, as frightening as hurricanes, fate or change, can be…They are actually opportunities that carve out new roads in our lives.

Do you know what your ‘blueprint’ states as your karmic life purpose or lesson?

If you want to play with that one, check out my Live Your Purpose, Live Your Passion.


30_day_challengeWhen staying with the Blasbergs in Boston last week, Jeannie my host, was telling me a cool thing she and her husband John were doing.  Since February, they have been giving themselves “30-day challenges” to do something different each month — something they have always wanted to do but have never done before. They’ve gone on a gluten-free diet; meditated at 5:30 am every day before sunrise; and now they are writing every day to someone new that they haven’t connected with in a while. What a wonderful idea!

As an aside…It reminded me of a short film by Christian Vuissa, “The Letter Writer.” The Letter Writer is an exceptionally beautiful piece about an elderly man who went through a daily ritual of getting out his fountain pen, exquisite paper and writing a touching note to a different person each day.  In his letters he attempts to say how much that person matters and means as it relates to “the bigger picture,” and that their individual contributions should not go unnoticed.  What we don’t know at the end of the film is whether he knows the people of whose names he got out of the telephone book or not.  Imagine, getting one of those letters saying “you make a difference!” So, I surrender my soul, and say it to you, especially in this world of electronic words and communication.  And I can’t have you going through life not knowing that you make a difference, to me, and to the world.

Back to the 30-day challenge — what a neat idea. I’m writing this bit on the flight back to Zurich and thinking about what I will do first! What have you always wanted to do and just haven’t had the chance to?

Join me and let me know how it goes.



RUBY_WOOD PLAQUE_11X14-150“It is inevitable in life that there will come a time when we have to say goodbyeto a loved one. Until recently we weren’t aware of just how difficult that time would be.

My husband and I are so fortunate to have a beautiful friend in Laura Heselton. On several occasions over the years she has shared her ability to allow loved ones who have crossed over, to speak through her with amazing clarity and with the recent loss of our sweet dog, we once again experienced the true comfort of Laura’s magnificent gift.

As Laura travels extensively, she had never met little Ruby in person and didn’t know her history. Laura’s ability to hear and translate Ruby’s story was nothing short of remarkable. Many, many comforting moments were shared but this one stands out among them.

Confused by the images she was receiving from Ruby, Laura asked us, “Why is she showing me cheese? She keeps showing me cheese in her mouth!”

A puppymill survivor, Ruby had little human contact before we met at the Humane Society. In order to gain her trust before bringing her home, we visited her everyday for two weeks and on each visit carried small bits of cheese with us. On arrival we’d call her, “Come Ruby! Cheese!” So we bonded as a family over cheese!

Thank you Laura for your love, and for never doubting the good you do for the world and for sentient beings on both sides of the veil.

Much love to you dear friend” ~ Mary & Paul


Photo Credits: Stories of Inspiration: Sharenator; Blog: Yoga 80