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July 2014 Volume 1, Issue 4


Georgian-Bay-Canada-yachts-in-harbor-Two-Adirondack-chairs-on-landing-ABYX09As soon as the World Cup was over, everyone seemed to break for the holidays here in Zurich. And guess who showed up? The construction crews. Good time to exit.

Before I do, I want to share in this newsletter the ways you can learn to begin or prepare to understand how you can communicate or connect with your loved ones who have passed away.

Yes, you are. We are all intuitive and have a connection to the people who are no longer physically with us in our lives. The trick is to be open and aware of this possibility. Picture it’s you who is no longer in a body and you really want to connect with those you left behind. You’d try all kinds of things to make contact, wouldn’t you? And would you want your loved ones still on earth to pay attention and acknowledge all your efforts? You bet you would. Otherwise, it would be like you’re at your own birthday party and no one is paying any attention to you.

The first step is to be in a receptive mode. Believe connecting with your loved ones is totally possible; then they’ll actually have a chance. But it’s no secret that this is the hardest bit! Be open to your thoughts and experiences. Trust what comes to mind or happens. It’s not a coincidence or your imagination.

We’ll move to the second step next month. For now, I want to tell you what’s up and coming and to share a great conversation I had with a friend who recently discovered she might be a ‘walk-in.’ Read below to find out what that is! In addition to the story below about why some people think they don’t belong to their family or feel disconnected with their life or those around them, I’ve written a blog about doing a session for family members. I had someone ask if it was harder to do a reading for people you know. Good question – I tackle it in this month’s blog.

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FieldCEOs, the man who runs the landscaping company, the woman at the drug store – all people like you and me. No different. The only difference is that they chose to skip the birth process. They are people who decide to write it in their soul’s chart to come into another person’s body at a mutually agreed upon point of exchange, usually during a trauma to help facilitate the change. (But it could be spontaneously – during surgery, a concussion, sleep, or meditation). Apparently, there are more people wanting to come in than go out. Imagine a special waiting list, for people who want to be part of this very unique period of time we are living in.

Typically a soul wants to leave if they have completed their task or their life purpose. Instead of committing suicide or dying and wasting a great incarnation, the soul in a body agrees to leave to allow another soul to take over – that’s a “walk-in”. For example, maybe you’ve met someone who’s had an accident, lost their memory and ‘becomes a new person’? It may sound very Men in Black-ish, but it’s just that we haven’t been educated about it yet. And even for those who are living the concept, like Annie, a mature stable mother of three, it’s a hard thing to get your head around, let alone accept.

I read that “a Walk-In soul is from a high spiritual level, with a purpose requiring immediate access to a human body to fulfill that mission” (From the Indigo web site offering a Doreen Virtue definition, also check out Wikipedia).

Imagine finding out that’s you. Annie has thought it might be possible for about two years, but these days she knows she 100% fits the profile. We met the other day to talk about it.

She said at first it was just a thought, but when she opened herself fully to the possibility, she connected all sorts of dots from over the course of her life. We narrowed the process of recognition or identification down to four or five steps, not unlike becoming a medium. It involved the ‘incident,’ becoming aware through more difficulties or traumas (shock and loss), numerous external validations and then the realization that brings acceptance.

For the last three months she’s had one insistent thought: “You were not born here.” To her, this idea was and is totally consistent with her other experiences of feeling that a concussion at age 3 opened the door for her to enter. Annie came in and up until now, she’s battled with feelings of not belonging in her family and felt ‘templates’ of behaviours or traits that she didn’t possess, but must have been there before.

The important thing for Annie, and for all of us, is to see what it all means. What does the concept of being a “walk-in” add to our human experience or teach us? It intimates that there is a fully interactive spiritual world that helps us to grow our understanding, to heal and to learn. It allows us to expand our idea of what life is or isn’t and to see that life may be more complex.

Perhaps the girl or soul in Annie’s body left because her purpose was fulfilled in sharing this experience with Annie – and now us. The other soul exited for a reason. Annie was told, “The previous soul would have had severe psychological issues that her family could not have handled” – hence her exit.

To quote Annie from what she sees as the important lessons she takes away from her experience:

“I am my own ‘validator.’ I shouldn’t hold on to external factors (where I was born, to which family, which class system, which religion, who believes what… etc.) for self-validation. I was sent repeatedly the message that I was a walk-in. I am who I am, no matter the story. And it is in accepting and loving every part of myself that I can transcend this human journey.

Does it matter if I am a walk-in or not? No. I believe I was sent those messages (whether true or not) to shuffle my definition of the human experience and to push me to live beyond the limits I had forged so far.”

As I see it, Annie is cutting edge – or to use a term by Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell – she’s an “outlier”, a trail cutter.

Living beyond limits is a choice.



FamilyThis week, I got an email from a loving cousin of mine who is from north of Toronto and was heading out to Vancouver to go visit her mom, who is now living there with her brother. We planned to try and connect her mom with her dad, who had passed away. Of course, it’s out of my control if her dad would grace us with his bigger-than-life self, but wonderfully he accommodated us.

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