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Laura Heselton

international spiritual medium

Laura Heselton is a dynamic and gifted workshop leader, author, spiritual medium,

life coach and film maker. She is the author of the forthcoming book Three

Women in a Boat and the Executive/Co-Producer of festival award winning film

What If (2009) and the up and coming TV Series  “Living Between”(2016).

Laura is a sought personality who has taught hundreds of classes on spirituality,

life after death and our unlimited human potential.  She has spoken to packed

houses throughout the world and  has helped hundreds of clients world wide

to gain clarity and direction in their lives and to discover their own unique talents.

Laura’s Techniques Work!

Here’s what some satisfied

customers had to say.

Laura’s Intuitive Counseling Services 

Laura has amazing energy – truly!   Shelley (Canada) 

Her reading was incredible. She knew events and stories that only my mom who has passed would know.

Lisa (USA)

I can truly say Laura has a gift that far surpasses any I have seen in others. 

Paul  (Bewdley, Canada) 

I have never experienced a reader who is so precise and detailed with her information!   

Shalona (Switzerland)