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European Success Team!

Life is like a freshly turned field, begging to know what it is YOU want to grow.  What are your DREAMS, your aspirations? Your chances of succeeding with your ‘crop’ through all kinds of weather and seasonal ups and downs, will be far greater by joining a Living Beyond Limits (LBL) 2015 Success Team .

It’s a brainstorming and solution driven support team we can all use to see us through whatever life can throw at us.  You’ve heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one.” Imagine what a small team of people can do to help you! Envision what you can accomplish.

The daytime LBL Success Team will be running once a month afterTr ansitioning Into Zurich’s group at the American Women’s Club of Zurich for donation of CHF 10 per person.  The group will meet once a month for ten months and will be self facilitated. The evening group will be virtual on Skype with more of a coaching format at a cost of 100 CHF for the first two sessions. If participants would like me to continue to facilitate it beyond first two meetings, it will be at a coaching fee of 50 CHF per person per session (maximum 4 people). The idea is to show you how you get in your own way, so we can help you go for your dreams, no matter where you live.

Please send me an email to confirm your interest and I will forward you a doodle link for choosing your preferred day(s) and time(s) of the week. Click here to join.  (Group can discuss going virtual)

Location:  AWCZ, Schontalstrasse 8, Zurich
Dates:   Restarts September 14th, 2015
Times:  14:00 – 16:30 day group
19.00 – 21.30 evening group

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: you create a good future by creating a good present.”
~ Eckart Tolle 

All the best for 2015,


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For LBL Success Team Members, try a free 30 minute  “Live Your Purpose Live Your Passion” (LPLP) coaching session to get clarity OR to see what’s blocking  you with “The 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want” (5 Steps) program taster.  Both are available by Skype or telephone.

Contact me at for more details or visit

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