Part 4: Re-write

The 5 Proven Steps To Getting What You Want 

Watch this video where we will be taking those identified blockers and doing a rewrite of your whole life’s new script.

Hi and welcome to part four of the “Five proven steps to getting what you want.” This part is all about taking those identified blockers now and doing a rewrite of your whole life’s new script.

Now I know you did a great job in part one which was taking your pulse, evaluating your life’s priorities. Two is narrowing it down to two choices which you wanna work on in this program, and three is taking choice number one and getting going to see what thoughts and feelings are behind what’s either taking you forward towards your goal or actually getting in your way. And that’s where we start on part four.

Hi, I’m Laura Heselton, I’m your intuitive coach, continuing on on the process and I wanna get to what’s really important at what we’ve been using up until now which you may have not realized. Our thinking logical brain is good for two things: one is for assessing problems which we’ve been doing and two is for identifying goals, the other thing that we’ve been doing. Now we wanna shift into a totally different way of doing these particular exercises and that is where I get you to shift into using your intuitive self –your all-knowing self that knows better than anyone and has all the answers.

So I want you to take a highlighter pen and go back to exercise number two and I want you to look at what you had fun with. You had the left side which was all the positive attributes, characters, emotions, everything that was taking you closer to your goal and reaching it, making you feel like you could.   The right side of the page was the negative factors, your blockers, your sabotagers, the things that always bubble up to the surface and I hope you had fun with them and I hope you let loose and you were totally authentic and you put everything right out on the line.

So now what we’re gonna do is with that highlighter pen, we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna find the words and phrases that are.. they have the greatest charge, they have the most emotional effect on you. So go back now, have a look at them, highlight them, and then what I want you to do is I want you transfer those keywords or phrases over on to exercise number three. So that we’ve concretely, very profoundly identified the way that you really feel and you’re showing up in this choice number one goal.

Then you’re ready to move on to part number five which is all about flipping your destiny switch.  Your destiny switch is just what we’ve been just shifting into, which is shifting over to trusting and knowing your intuitive self and knowing you have everything inside you and seeing more clearly why those blockers were a problem in the first place.

So I look forward to seeing you for part number five in your inbox next and catch you soon.

Take care, bye.