Part 5: Flipping Your Destiny Switch

The 5 Proven Steps To Getting What You Want 

Watch this video where we will be flipping your destiny switch!

Hi and welcome to part five. This is flipping your destiny switch. Now we’ve done part one, two, three, and four. You’ve gone from the very beginning of identifying the most important parts of your life, the two areas that you wanted to work on, you picked out your.. you identified your blockers –things that tend to come up, your patterns, your subconscious programming, it is the way you wrote your world now, it’s been your story up until now and where you’ve done a really good job at it now we’re at that flipping the destiny switch.

It’s Laura Heselton, helping you through as your intuitive coach to the last part before we begin the final five actual steps to getting what you want. Now you've just finished off on exercise number three and you’ve brought all the highlighted portions over to see exactly which ones have the most charge for you.. which ones are withering the strongest underneath your current as your subconscious programmers or blockers. Now what we’re gonna do is we need to go back through these same exercises and do the same thing for choice number two. Attached are exercises number four and five so you can do this.

You’re going to identify all the positive things that attributes the feelings, everything about that helps you to get where you wanna go. And then on the right side of the page remember you did all of your negative thoughts, feelings, you know when you went crazy just go wonderfully well both bragging and also talking about what always those insecurities that always come up that are very particular and specific to you.

So when you’ve done that, you’ve gone through both of your choices and this is where we’re ready to as we said and called it like flipping your destiny switch. Because that will have taken you through all the left brain logical things of identifying the problems and of course setting your goals which we did in the beginning and now we’ve moved into a more intuitive, intelligent kind of area of navigating forward, getting ready for the five steps ‘cause it’s all about feeling.

So you’ll see through these different steps, you’ll have done choice one, choice number two and you’ll see what your story has been up until now and why it’s been held in place. And the important step about this is you’ll have these exercises three and five to go with which were the highlighted portions were picked out of these exercises of your real charged emotions.  

Now you’re gonna look at them as if I’m right there with you, as if you’ve got your best friend with you, looking at the negative side of the both of those exercises for choice number and choice number two. And let’s go through them, let’s go through what you wrote down as your most charged, highly negative blockers that you’ve identified to date. And I want you to look at them, and feel them and say “Okay, are they really realistic?” are they something that you should even really have in your life?  Or can you see now that they’re just a concocted set of fears that have been writhing underneath the surface all these time and you never really looked at them as to why you have them, what they were and now how to override them.The wonderful way to override any fear that we’ve got lying underneath the surface and this sounds so simple but it tends to be the hardest thing because people never sit down and they never look at this.

There’s really only two real emotions running our lives. One is fear, and one is more of an expansive love based thought. So, the fear one is contractive, it takes you away from your goal. It keeps you trapped, it keeps you a victim of your own sabotaging. And the love-based or expansive way of thinking is the one that sometimes takes you to just bowl your way through those fears to say “That is just my subconscious programming talking. It’s not who I really am”. Who I really am is a person on exercise three and exercise five that’s on the left side which is all those positive things that you thought about yourself.

You know, that you’re a positive person, that you’re organized, that you’re.. you tend to go into any situation, control it and you know you can do it; all those things that the ways that you know you can’t help yourself but show up doing and being. And that’s what’s gonna take you through now, that’s gonna flip your destiny switch and it’s gonna get you through to remember anytime that those fears come up again, now you know how to handle them and to do an override. Just look them in the eye and say “I understand that that is something that I created. I bought that fear, and I no longer gonna buy that fear anymore.”

And now we’re at the point, the end of part five where I want you to do your assessment of your choice number one and choice number two and on a scale of zero to a hundred now, of really feeling and seeing what got in your way, does it really seem real? Is it still really in your way? Or do you feel now like you’re at that one hundred percent belief level for both your choice number one and choice number two.I know that when I got to this point, the most important thing to move ahead into the five steps is to one, be really ready for what your choices are. Whatever your goals are, your wishes and your dreams, because this process actually by flipping that switch, you get it, so you better be ready. And two is when you’re going to go do this, if you need help with a vision board or you need help in just overcoming that fear, go back and go over those reinforcing words of those positive things that you know are just you that you can’t help not being because we need you at this particular point.

The number two thing, before you move on to these five steps to getting what you want is I need to know that you’re at one hundred percent belief level in getting them. That’s the crucial stage. I remember when I had moved to Zurich and I mentioned that I was going to be making a movie. But before I did and made my own, I thought I should get some experience. So two of my goals at that time were one, to be an extra in a film locally here in Zurich, to see if my lack of German would be a problem in working in the industry here. And two is I wanted to work on a high-budget film to get a good credit to work under some very experienced people, had a lot of fun and to learn. And I wanted to put them out there. And these were my goals that I wanted to work on.

Now I waited, after went through this whole process that you’ve just been through these five parts, I made sure I was at the point where in every bone, every bit of me, believed one hundred percent that I was gonna get these things. That I had no doubts, none, whatsoever. There wasn’t one little inkling of any fear left. It was just a hundred percent, I’m totally committed, this is exactly what I want, I don’t want anything else, and I’m going for this, and no one’s gonna stop me.

And that’s here, at the end of part five, this is where we need to leave off and this is where you’re gonna begin the five steps to getting what you want. I’ll see you in your inbox for the next part, part six where we kick it off and we take that energy, bring that with you, bring that feeling, I’m giving you a chance now to build it up until we get to that part six to start the actual five steps, okay?

Get ready, and I’ll see you in your inbox tomorrow!

Take care, bye.​