Part 6: Take Off!

The 5 Proven Steps To Getting What You Want 

Watch this video to actually go through and complete the 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want for your top two choices!

Welcome back to the five proven steps to getting what you want, this is part six and our final portion to our video series so let’s really enjoy the time we have together and get you pumped back up to that one hundred percent belief level in getting your goals. And we’re gonna go through just a couple of exercises now, six and seven to do that.

Hi, this is Laura Heselton and welcome to part six, the final portion. You know our thoughts are just like rockets, and it needs fuel. Well, our emotions are those fuel. So if your thoughts and your motion are perfectly in line, that rocket is just gonna take off. And that’s what we wanna make sure we do now. Let’s start with choice number one and we’re gonna run through the following steps with it and then you’ll just automatically do the same with your choice number two, okay?

So now what we wanna do is start with the scenario, the perfect scenario of choice number one and using exercise number six, get really clear to name your wish, own it, give it a full presence as if you’re already there, living this perfect goal you always dreamed of. So by naming and I mean, let’s give you an example, let’s say your choice number one was career. So you’d start saying things like “I love my dream job, it’s perfect, I love how I get to work, I love how it fits with my personal life and my professional life beautifully seamlessly work together, I love my new boss, I like the work environment, the people” you just built up all the different things that are so important to you and be sure to include all the things in your life now that you really love in that scenario so you don’t lose them.

Like for instance maybe where you live or the way you get to work or whatever’s really, really important. And the second part is to make sure that we don’t put negative words in there. Take for example if it was your new job, you wanna make sure you’ll avoid statements like “I want an amazing new job, with a boss who isn’t controlling and doesn’t try and micro-manage me” etc, etc., we’re gonna flip that destiny switch. Flip everything over to the positive cause remember, the law of attraction is always at play and whatever you put attention on, you’re going to give energy to it and its gonna come back to you so you’ll get more of what you don’t want.

So switch it around, flip the destiny switch, get back in to the feeling and the energy of the positive way of getting exactly what you want and how it looks and feels, okay. So that’s wording, that’s where we wanna start with, is seeing and feeling exactly how your dream choice feels like. And if you need to use a vision board, ‘cause they always say you know, to visualise it, you can have it? Go crazy. Cut things out that evoke an emotion of positivity of already having it and this is the important part. Then of course, when you’re fully charged and you’re ready for it, you’ve named it, you’ve visualised it, you are owning it and believing one hundred percent you’re ready to go for it, you’re into step number one. ‘cause step number one is “knowing what you want.”

Clearly, energetically, every bit of you wants it, knows what it is, and you’re going for it. So step number one, you should be already over the threshold and riding it. Step number two is “you’re there now.” Now if ever through these five steps, you wanna play this back and you wanna close your eyes, and you wanna go through them just visualising everything ‘cause you get more impact, by all means, please do.

Step number two is being there. Imagine yourself in the scenario where there is a new job, a new relationship, the dream happening. For me I pictured I was in the theatre of the premiere of the movie that I wanted to make and I was.. it was just the buzz above the room, everybody was so excited, the movie was made and it was about to roll and we were all very proud of it and I could really feel it, I could really be there, and I loved it, and it was such an amazing great feeling and that’s what I want for you for step two, is be there.

Then you’re ready for step three. Step three is “gratitude”. Now, I don’t know about you but if I get what I want and I have that overwhelming feeling of “this is just amazing” and you get humbled by it, and you just feel that gratitude. You feel like, “thank you for this”, and it’s a great feeling and again remember, it just attracts more. So be very, very grateful, humbled by the experience. That’s three. Then you move on to four.

Now four, some people have trouble with because it’s called “letting go”. And it’s a step of trusting that there is a greater pattern at play. I call it the “bumper car effect”. It’s where you don’t worry about the “how”, how you’re gonna get something. You know don’t have the thoughts coming up “oh, I want this but, what about the money? What about the timing? What about this, what about that?” that’s going back in to your doubting and negative side again and also it’s not your job. The how is not your job. The bumper car effect will be at play and that will make things happen.

When you start talking about your dream and when you start talking about what you really, really want to people, you will be bumping into people, you’ll be creating new circumstances, new energy, putting lots of positive energy out there and it will start coming back, by you meeting these different people or different situations. So that’s number four, “letting go, the bumper car effect.” It’s just like if you’re at a restaurant, and you gave your order to the waiter, you wouldn’t follow him into the kitchen to make sure he got your order. You would just assume that he’s gonna bring it and you’re gonna get what you want. That’s the same feeling! Assume, believe, trust, and deserve that you can get your dream come true!

Then you’re ready to move on to number five.  Number five is “following your intuitive guidance in a state of readiness”. Ready to receive, believing you deserve, and following the guidance that comes. That’s really, really important. It’s never random. Your intuition, your all-knowing self, is tuned in to all of these we are connected to, all of us. And it knows better how to guide you.

So if on the way home from work for instance, you get the feeling that you should stop and you should get some flowers... pretty random, well yes, it’s always nice to get flowers or receive or give flowers, of course. But picture when you get home after having followed that guidance and you find out you’ve got an invitation out to dinner, and there you’ve got a perfect host’s gift and off you go and you’re ready and you never could’ve expected that that would’ve been where you’re going that night and that you would needed the flowers.

So that’s how step number five define guidance, follow your intuition and then trust these five steps, release them, go with them, feel and know that it’s gonna come. It works every time. Unless of course you’re getting in your own way, and if that’s the case, just give me a call ‘cause what we can do is work on live your purpose, live your passion. It’s a program to do self-discovery on what your actual life purpose is. What are you here on this planet to do and to be. And then it goes in to your life lessons of what you, as a soul came here to potentially learn.

Those can be one of the reasons otherwise it can be divine, timing, joint-soul contracts, circumstance. You just have to be patient for the timing. And the other thing we can do to develop of course so you build up that trust in the fifth step, your intuitive intelligence is to do some training in that way and I have a workshop called “Own your own intuitive intelligence” and it teaches you to differentiate between your thinking, judgmental brain and your intuitive self, your all-knowing part of yourself that knows everything and is connected to everything.

So I’ll leave you with that, as I say, you don’t need luck, it’s gonna work, brace yourself, put your seatbelt on, and I’ll send a follow-up video just to check in with you, to see how you’re making out, to see what has shown up for you and manifested for you.

Now remember, you are ABLE. A – acknowledge, B – believe, L – love every bit of this process, and E – embrace life. And show up the best possible version of yourself and everything will just come to you.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you soon,

Take care, bye.