Part 2: Prioritizing

The 5 Proven Steps To Getting What You Want 

Watch this video to discover what your priorities are in the main areas of your life.

Hi, welcome to part two, “Prioritising” of the “Five proven steps to getting what you want.”

Have you ever heard of life being considerate like a freshly ploughed field and all it really wants you to do is to decide what kind of crop you want to grow? Well that’s what we’re gonna do.

Hi, Laura Heselton, your intuitive coach for part two, “Prioritising.” In part one, you should have completed a pie chart that got you to get down to rating an level of satisfaction the eleven key areas of your life. And you’ll have noticed, there was a second page that was attached and part of the exercise. And you were to take those percentage and numerical values of the one to eleven key life areas and enter them in to the left hand side, top part of the page.

Once you’ve done that, I want you to look at the right side, top part of the page. You’ll see it says importance now. This is where we’re gonna prioritise them, from one being the most important down to eleven being the least, I want you to put that kind of a numerical value next to that section of your life and I want you to really get down to which areas are really your top priorities right now.

When you completed that, you put one to eleven in level of importance. I want you to move to the bottom part of that second page of the exercise and you’ll see you have to list just two choices, two priorities for the rest of this video series. Put your choice number one and your choice number two in the appropriate lines. And then you’ll see to the right of them, there is a section called baseline. And that’s for you to feel right now how you feel in likelihood and believability of attaining those goals in a percentage.

When you’ve got all that bottom section finished, then you’re ready to move on to part three. And part three is called your first choice. And this is where we’re going to reveal all your blockers. You’re gonna find it amazing to see what kind of subconscious programs are running in the background all the time and sabotaging you. So when you’re done this part two, I look forward to seeing in your inbox for video three, part three called choice number one, see you tomorrow, bye now.