Part 1: Taking Your Pulse

The 5 Proven Steps To Getting What You Want

Watch the video to discover and rate how satisfied you are in the main areas of your life. 

Hi and welcome to Part one, it’s called “Taking your pulse.” It’s part of a dynamic new video series that I’ve created called the “Five proven steps to getting what you want.” And each video is approximately two to five minutes long and you’ll have three exercises attached to the appropriate video that you can do at your leisure. Each time when you finish one video, another will automatically be sent to you.

Hi, I’m Laura Heselton and I’ll be your intuitive coach throughout the series. What we need to do to maximise your benefit from the series is to establish three things. One, is where you are right now? What’s your level of satisfaction in the different areas of your life? Two, what are your goals? What are your priorities, what do you really want to work on throughout this series? And three, what and by how much is getting in your way?

Let’s quantify it. Now where we can understand and actually more importantly, you can feel those three things.. then guess what, then you can do something about it. Now you’re ready, for part one, taking your pulse. Attached is a PDF and it looks like this.. it’s called taking your pulse exercise. It looks like a pie chart and as you can see, there are eleven sections to the pie.

Those eleven sections represent eleven most important areas of your life. And what we’re gonna do today is for you to rate them in level of satisfaction. So I want you to take an individual pie section.. let’s say Career. Maybe you are at about a seventy percent satisfaction level today. So coloring from the center of the pie chart, out to the exterior, you’ll notice that each band is worth ten percent.

So color each of those pie sections, numerically recording after you’ve colored it exactly how much it’s worth and when you finish that, you’re ready to move on to part two. And part two is all about prioritising your choices. So I’ll see you, on your inbox for your next video. Enjoy the exercise, taking your pulse, bye for now.