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June 2014   Volume 1, Issue 3


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Amongst all the chaos, violence and raging wars we see on TV, there is one thing that makes you stop and truly be in the moment – to know what’s important – and that’s the loss of a loved one.

A few days ago, my dear friend in Canada lost her Mom.  I felt her pain.  It had me there again.

Perhaps you know how the worries and hassles fall away.  Time stops.  Everything becomes crystal clear with the pain, the finality.  It hits you, you’ll never get a phone call, a hug or hear their voice again, other than in your head.  I can’t say this part can be soothed without time, as their physical presence is truly gone forever.

But now, as a medium, I can share something so very special and unexpected that can emerge in you, if you let it.  A guaranteed  ‘lifter upper,’ no matter what (Not all of us have had a moment like this, but we’ve also heard, “The only things for sure are death and taxes.”). So, why not be prepared and learn something that can help you through this kind of life changing moment.

Now you can see, how the whole thing becomes an ‘inside job.’ The big question you wrestle with…Do we live forever?  Can the desire to get out of pain or curiosity, help you dare to overcome your skepticism?

I loved one question I got from a posting on Facebook: “Can someone just decide to be a medium?”  My response, “The way to know…dive in and find out for yourself.”  Make sure to watch my YouTube video on How I Became a Medium.  And ‘Like’ my Facebook Community Page.

In this month’s newsletter edition:

  • An invite to a method of manifesting your dream life using vision boards Click here to learn how to create a vision board 
  • Turn your next get together into a FUNdraiser
  • My Interview of a channeler (What is that? Read on)
  • My controversial blog on why there are absolutely no coincidences

When you hold love in your heart, you carry water that quenches the soul. 

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July 16, 2014  Time to Have Fun & Create!

Vision Boards: You visualize it…You can have it, do it, be it!


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Summer and Fall 2014  |  Host Your Own Event

Bring in your very own intuitive medium for an evening or event your friends and family will never forget.  Host a demonstration Q&A and have a free reading or put on workshops and attend for free yourself.

They will rave for years about the event you put on.  I’ll be your “Long Island (Meilen) Medium”.

Select what you need; a workshop (Primer to Advanced) to harness your own intuitive intelligence or a group mediumship session to heal, support  and guide. Have some fun.  Get direction, answers and be uplifted.

Contact us now to book your event.

Corporations can offer an event or private sessions as a fundraiser or to support their employees or clients to learn to Live Beyond Limits.

Canada dates:  August 4th – 8th, 17th – 22nd & Fall (TBA)

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Can you imagine channeling a group of masters? Well this woman does.  Her name is Catherine Mesot and she is a native Swiss living near Zurich.

Let me back up a minute and first ask – do you know what channeling is? I didn’t until I gave it a try about ten years ago. It’s where the intuitive agrees to completely get out of the way to let ‘spirits’, guides or loved ones from ‘the other side’, heaven’ (or wherever you call where we come from and go back to), speak through you.

In other words, you let them do the talking!  No playing the ‘in-between’ getting the messages and passing them on. You get the person or ‘being’ speaking directly through you, just like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie “Ghost”! I find it even easier than doing mediumship! Well, once I get over the hump of actually starting and feeling the comfort of them taking over.

I asked Catherine about the topic of food that we discussed in my first newsletter and if there were foods or things she needed to avoid to absolutely make sure she isn’t blocked as a channeler.  This is what she said:

“There was a culprit for her – cheese”

“It’s a very individual thing.”  Food and the effect it had came to her from experimenting, isolating the culprit, and through divine guidance.

As she put it,  “Certain foods create bits of friction, like things attached to the side of a water pipe, that don’t allow the water to flow as easily.”  Typically, Catherine will treat herself to cheese on the weekends or when she knows she isn’t working – Hard for a girl from Gruyere!

Fact:  for Catherine, it takes about 2 days to get the ‘effects’ out of her body.

The most fascinating thing with food that happened to the two of us, was ….

Prior to commencing the channeling work, ‘spirit’ in both cases intervened to make a detox absolutely necessary.

Catherine’s case was more dramatic than mine, in that she couldn’t eat for 3 weeks – nothing! The cool part was that she didn’t lose energy or her ability to function. Then she started the work.

For me, I crashed until I dropped coffee and any ‘chemicals’ like wine, etc. I had no energy, will, or belief that I could really keep going. It had me completely bottom out, both emotionally and physically! The moment I started detoxing, my energy went through the roof – like electricity literally going through my veins. It felt like voltage that was too big for the body. Then, just very naturally, like with Catherine, the moment presented itself to begin channeling again. It just happened.

For next month, I’ll see if I can get someone to write about his/her experience of receiving a channeling session. Do you have one you can share?




I recently had a conversation with someone in my Zurich writer’s group, Margaret, about potential subjects for my new activity of blogging.

I launched into a very controversial topic: ‘coincidences’ or rather, the lack of them. I told her I didn’t believe in them. As we talked, she noted, “Everyone’s had one of those ‘What just happened?!’ moments. When you say, ‘That was so weird and way beyond luck – too coincidental!’”  [Read More…]



“Our 3 hour 5 Proven Steps to Getting What You Want session has changed my life.  I didn’t think I was ready for any new ideas or changes back then, however…that one meeting has put my career and self esteem on a whole new path!”                      

                                                                                    -Andrea, Toronto, Canada



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