What were you thinking?!


I sat down mid January to write you, but my computer, like my life, has been speaking to me very loudly for the last two weeks. If two trips to the Apple Store still wouldn’t let me do the final edit

of January/February’s newsletter over the weekend, it’s a sign to let something go; the message, the format or the how.

I thought, “AH!  Scrap it!” Ok, maybe something a little stronger. Then it hit me.  Mercury is in retrograde until the 11th of February.  What does that mean?

Three to four times a year the planet Mercury passes the earth and slows down.  It ‘seems’ like it spins backward ( hence retrograde ), but of course it doesn’t.  What it can do, is rule ‘communication, travel and technology’.  They can go haywire for three weeks.  Safe to say my computer and emailing ability had ground to a halt , as well as some services back home in Canada with this snow up to their kazoos making driving, flights, getting around, etc. difficult, if not impossible.

Maybe your life or inner dialogue is ‘haywire’, spinning backward or you could use a bit of slowing down or letting go, especially of what is not working.  Let’s not fight it, but listen to it.  There’s wisdom to be gained from it showing up.  It reminds us to stop and look at what we are actually THINKING…and then getting more of in our lives.  

1) Is your self talk or inner dialogue been an ‘lifting guide’ or ‘a limiting story’?
2) What do you need to let go of in your life – now – that is not serving you? Can you? Or do you like your ‘story’?
3) Take your pulse to see what two critical areas in your life really need your focus – name them – Choice I & Choice II – Are they in alignment with your true life purpose? IE. What your heart or intuition has been pulling you to do, but maybe you’ve been silencing because of fears or doubts? I know, change can be scary.

However, if you got an “All clear”, then dive in!  But perhaps, spend between now and Feb 11th, flushing out your choices to build them fresh and clear, to avoid this ‘spinning backwards’ period! LOL

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: you create a good future by creating a good present.”
~ Eckart Tolle 


Photo courtesy of:  margaritamorris.wordpress.com