release-emotionsA wee story – You know I have been on topic of self healing and doing everything virtually on Skype this month ….

What a day I had on Monday! I didn’t realise I had booked an “emotional restroom” release session with Rochele Hirsch – the “must meet” author of Relationship Chemistry and Spiritual Reaction Code Release Specialist, back to back with a session with Shamanic Healer Katie Oberlin. I did two hours of emotional patterning release work on my issue of being “valued” and then Katie’s one hour spiritual energy healing Shamanic session – totally knocked me for a powerful loop.

I woke up yesterday totally scramble with the feeling of “I am a mess and don’t know what’s happening.” The programming was gone and my reaction codes were missing. It was like being on a dance floor alone, wondering what happened.

When I went to bed, my veins were vibrating and my whole system crashed well before 10pm. I had to cancel my new Mediumship monthly evening training class. That’s how powerful the combo was. I just woke up at 5 am – refreshed and feeling confident, although still a wee bit shaky, but definitely stronger than before. No more of the pattern of seeking “my value” through trying to help other people see their value. A crazy template dependent on me changing other people’s feelings of their own value and if I couldn’t help them, then I was of “no value”. Of course, it’s their deal to choose to seek and change, or not – It was a subconscious program, definitely not a program to have kept. Apparently, it was a prevalent pattern I had with my nearest and dearest friends and family.

Rochele Excited about the shift of interactions, to see if I can feel the subtle, but powerful, difference again this week. Cool combo having Rochele do the conscious work outwardly together and Katie complimenting with some of the inner energy part of it.Katie

I did a clearing last week too, on the issue of “deserving to be cared for” and I backed up Rochele’s work that time with a long time supportive friend and energy worker, SRT (Spiritual Release Therapist – also a western horse whisperer) Lynn Blanchard. Check her out! She saved me when I was working on “What If” the movie in 2009. Couldn’t have gotten through that rough past life revisited patch without her. (That’s a story for another time.)

During last week’s clearing, again Rochele helped me with voicing the release of the emotions and feelings around “deserving to be cared for” for while Lynn worked behind the scenes with clearing the energy patterns and resetting them to match – Besides outwardly balling during Rochele’s session, (do I hear release and relief), I felt the difference immediately in my dealings with my poor hubby. The shift was so obvious to both of us. He didn’t know what hit him and why I was acting so differently. I believe he used the “B” word. (I’ll have to try and explain it all to him later…hmm – tricky) It was like being on that Snickers commercial where the person isn’t themselves until they take a bite. I needed a SUPER SIZE bar.

My take away: I have to be gentler with my new reactions with those around me – and ok, on me too. No bull in a china shop approach – I’m learning! As you know, I’m not very good about taking it down a notch. LOL. It’s the Capricorn goat in me, head down – plough through and get there. BAA! Thought I would share.

Meet Rochele (left), Katie (right) and my old home – Alberta rockies (far right).