No! No! No! You can’t have that!


I was recently away skiing  (tried with a broken toe) and ended up down in the spa area chatting with an Italian physiotherapist, Stefania  Zenier about her biggest complaints she hears from clients about their physiology and new year’s resolutions in regard to fitness, diet/detoxing and healthy or not so healthy regimes or practices.  Have a listen.



One of the things that jumped out at me was denial of what we crave or want actually affecting our motivation and long term success of dieting, better nutrition or exercise.  As Stefania says, rather than get frustrated by not having or doing what you want and ending up quitting, indulge yourself with a small dose of whatever it is you want to feel happy  and then it passes.

Extremes of diet or exercise aren’t sustainable

Stefania recommends detoxing as a way of resetting or kick starting a new healthier eating regime.  It cleanses the build up of toxins in the various organs to relieve them and bring them back to a normal healthy balanced state.  And when they are functioning at full force again and no longer stress, your body’s immune system is fortified and no longer under undue strain and burden. Your immu-globulin A levels, responsible for fighting the common cold, will go up.   It’s like an energy and power mover.


Detox before a healthy balanced new regime

It’s very inspiring to feel your system cleansed and totally released from all that taxes it. You’ll fee so clean that you won’t feel the need for “pizza as a reward” or “pots of coffee” to keep your energy up and rolling. Your energy will be rocking. We all know that catch 22 up and down stimulant’s cycle.

Respect of the body and it’s messages

Following the body’s brilliant intuitive cues of what it really needs, when it needs it, is one of the best diet control measures in the world.  Just because the clock chimes 6pm and it’s ‘time for dinner’, doesn’t mean it is hungry.  No pavlov bell ringing technique here – it’s more of starting making dinner when you actually get hungry.   The system works when the body is in balance.  A weight issue up or down, is a clear sign yours needs a reset.