If you won’t, life will: That’s this New Moon Eclipse Energy

With the 1st of two New Moon-Solar Eclipses this month, energies and emotions will be firing up, it’s not just a ‘good’ time, but a ’great’ to get crystal clear, committed and be sure of your intentions.

Stronger energies

Energies at this time will be stronger, more influential and therefore more important to you than ever. Be sure about your direction and where you want to focus your energy. Let’s just say, if you are not clear, you’ll know the outcome of that soon enough. How do I know? I was getting a wonderful advance taste of it myself. It was so palpable that I had to stop everything and get my meditations out and go in to reset.


Leading up to this particular lunar eclipse on Tuesday, March 8th, International Women’s Day, I had begun to feel that life needed not just a bit of an internal adjustment, but a huge one. Let’s say that I saw that I was in a ‘working my life lessons in a negative state’ verses a more self loving and positive expansive state. My intuition was telling me all week as much, but I was ignoring the recommended changes or adjustments required to be back on track. So what do you get when you won’t stop and listen? Life will make you.

If you’ve been focusing on all the things you don’t want this past week, like a lack of money, “he doesn’t get me”, “I’m not being heard” or playing the infamous “blame game of ‘who is right’ instead of ‘WHAT’ IS RIGHT, then join the cue to get back in alignment.

The time is now to get back on track

How do you do that? First, stop and be honest with yourself. Where are you? Do you feel like how you want to feel? If not, start finding some words of inspiration, some musical lyrics or activity that speak to about how you DO want to feel. For example, put a picture up on your wall with you succeeding. And cut out or print out as a screen saver: “I know what I want. I know what is right. I will make a difference in the world and for those whom I love with my life. I know I have been caught up in the “I’m right game” and not focusing on doing the right thing. I am now clear what I have to do. I am committed. And I will now get there.”

Move in the direction your intuition is telling you to move it, do what it is calling you to do. “They” always say don’t do it for the money, do it because it inspires you and makes you come alive. Feel that shift? Feel that difference right there? “I want” holds the key and all the energy. “Could, would or should’s” hold no energy. Start saying “I want_!” And right now.

We are what we make of ourselves

Remember we are being called to be the CONSCIOUS CREATORS of our lives. It’s ok to fall into a state of negativity, we all do, it’s all part of the game. We all have subconscious programs we are working. The trick to turn it around. How? Grab words, feelings that flip your DESTINY SWITCH to EMPOWERMENT and back to the you you know and love and can see thriving. It’s all right there inside you and all it takes is a few words that speak to your heart and soul. How do I know? I just did it for myself through writing this blog. Where do you find those life changing words and feelings?

Remember what you believe in and hear what your soul is saying to you. Why are you here? What did you come here to do and be, to share? Be committed to contributing to the highest good of all and use your gifts in service of others who need you out there in the world – sharing. As far as timing, IE. your life point of view, now, it’s THE BEST TIME to revisit whatever it was you chose to commit to this year. And it’s time to really get your intention behind whatever it is that you truly want.

If you need help with any of that, check out: Live Your Purpose, Live Your Passion. Identifying and name your patterns, then let’s find and choosing a new bunch of inspiring words that speak to you and motivate you back to choosing to win; living your purpose.

Image from www.universallifetools.com