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laura-blog-2-editedAbout 10 years ago when I first moved to Zurich, I was working on a film outline about a woman living abroad who comes into a psychic ability …. when BAM! It suddenly became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was so confused as it unfolded. Was I intended to be a psychic or just write about one?

I reached out to an old friend in Atlanta, Lisa Bufton, who is a Medium. She gave me my first moment of realization that there is so much more we can do and be. That if I could suspend my disbelief for just a moment, I could open myself to a source of unlimited potential. A source that goes way beyond our everyday understanding.

The first building block she provided came the day I got back from Canada. It was three weeks after my Dad passed and Lisa, over in Atlanta, had apparently talked to him from the other side. She recorded what he wanted to tell me and sent it in an email.

When I first read his words, there was so much I didn’t pick up initially, like his choice of salutation – “Hi Sweetie!” This was a brand new way we had begun to say hello or goodbye to each other just weeks earlier. I had called a friend of his “sweetie” and the friend had been flattered that he was still on some kind of “sweetie” deserving list. We both had laughed over it the last time we spoke on the phone and exuberantly played up our “Goodbye Sweetie!’s”. It was a joke just between us. No one else knew about it. I was in disbelief. How could this be? I cried and cried.

There were so many other ‘facts’ in the letter that Lisa couldn’t have known. I hadn’t even told her he had passed. A particular bathroom habit of his or thanking me for staying behind to help Mom and how my brother and sister were handling his passing. This was impossible! Then he mentioned something about me being able to do this mediumship thing; to talk to dead people. What?! Me?!

I so badly wanted to connect with him, that I had to find out what all this meant. How does it work? Could this be happening? What were the chances that my old friend from across the world, whom I trusted, could now do mediumship and my father would know to contact her, soon after left his body? I called Lisa.

As she coached me on the phone, I got a cramp in my writing arm. I was taking notes and with her encouragement, I tried to connect to the other side like she had with automatic writing (free flow channeled writing). I immediately had the thought it was Dad in my arm. So in my head, while Lisa was instructing me on how our loved ones who have crossed over contact us through writing, I told my Dad that if he let go, he was off the hook for knocking the picture or book off the shelf that he had mentioned in his email. Then the pain in my arm vanished. I told Lisa what happened and she went crazy.

“OMG! You’re doing it!! Like the writing – You wrote “YOU!” A lot of people get that first. Because your loved ones are talking to you!”

Laura Heselton Medium

I was actually channeling! This was THE moment. I had a taste for the impossible!

The next step in my journey was to do mediumship for someone else and really test the boundaries – but that’s a separate story!

Have you experienced a moment when you expanded your mind and realized there was more out there than you ever thought possible? What else could we explore within this realm of our unlimited potential?

Note : I was actually channeling! – It just dawned on me now – do you think the “You” was me channeling my Dad?





  1. Laura Heselton says

    Thanks — I think Kathleen did a great job too. Sedonna Communications — Canada

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