Dear Dad in Heaven

100647-Remembering-DadA client yesterday and a cousin recently, who lost their Dads, both asked a similar question about how soon after our loved ones leave the earth plane can they communicate back to us. In my experience, I have found they do it even while crossing.

I’ve had many people tell me their mother, grandmother or brother came to them in their sleep to say goodbye and then they find out in the morning they’d passed in their sleep or in each of their own ways. We leave our earthly bodies and become pure energy. Like they say about God and the Angels, they can be with anyone and everyone at the same time. No more pain or illness, no bodily restrictions of time or space. Just pure energy. So it is true for our loved ones. If a daughter and son both need their Dad after he passes to try and contact them, he can equally try his best to do so in numerous ways with each of them – even at the exact divine time.

The trick is not letting your thinking judgemental mind convince you that it ‘can’t be them’. It’s them 100% and it’s why you even had the thought in the first place to connect the ‘sign’ to them in the first place. Our loved ones plant occurrences or ‘synchronicities’ as Carl Jung coined the phrase. For example when your Dad’s favourite song comes on just as you ‘happened’ to think of them and were having your own private mournful, but lovely reminiscent moment about them. It’s an emotionally moving moment where it is ‘charged with’ just too much significance for you to write it off as merely a “coincidence”. You know it on a deep level where there are no self doubting thoughts. It feels some what like a ‘déja vu. People typically say things like “That was so weird!! I mean really strange!” The first sign of one having just happened.

The wonderful thing about acknowledging moments like that is, our loved ones on the other side are smiling. They now feel they are being heard and will try even harder to build the bridge of communication with you. It’s up to you as to whether you want this gift or not. For more “signs” or ways spirit will try to contact you, stay tuned.

With love and comfort.