Our Day’s End

Robin Williams

Trigger Warning:  Sensitive material

When I was on an island in Georgian Bay, Canada on vacation this month, I heard the news of the death of Robin Williams. What a talent. What a man. What a gift of funny.

What I find comforting in talking to those who have crossed over about suicide is that they tell me it’s not about judging the act. Suicide is merely a chosen exit point. If our work is done here and we’ve lived our life purpose, it’s merely our soul’s time to move on, perhaps to work on other life lessons or personal spiritual growth. They go to the light; home. They are, in fact, our light, sharing with the world the truth about our normal human fight to alleviate this kind of pain, or ‘our dark side’. It’s hopefully a relief to know it’s normal to fight thoughts, sometimes daily, that are contrary to being divine or full of pure love and light. And for some, like Robin or Whitney or Amy, their stars did their work of shining brightly for us. Lord knows they brought us loads of laughter, boundless joy and pleasure.

Do whatever you can to shine your light. Help someone, laugh, feel gratitude or think of things that you love to do and do them. Embrace a loving feeling, the light. Believe you are it. And create as much of it as you possibly can. Aim to create your own “Heaven on Earth.” Like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Robin, shine as long as you can to brilliantly live out your own unique life purpose. “Nanoo nanoo.”