The World Without Us

World without usRecently my son gave me a thought provoking book to read from author, Alan Weisman who wrote “The World Without Us”, a thought experiment. You know how much I love thought experiments. His new book is called…


Unlike his last book which ‘imagined’ a world with out us, “Countdown” is about how we could “add Homo sapiens back into our world’s picture in harmony, not mortal combat, with the rest of all Earthly life.” It doesn’t imagine it, Weisman asks experts from around the world to 20 countries in 2 years and boiled the effort down to being about asking the 4 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS IN THE WORLD we meed to ask.  These questions get down to




Then this morning I got an email from Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, about water and it wasn’t hard to connect the dots.  It’s International Water Day to build global awareness about of our races “Countdown”.  You remember, the Dr. Lipton who was in the movie I co-produced called “What If” – what if anything was possible, that is if we did’t get in our own way.  What does water,  Dr. Lipton and recently passed, Dr. Emoto have to do with International Water Day and the human “Countdown”?

Their science revolutionised the way we look at things on a micro biological level.  Each of them created experiments that showed loud and clear that water and the cells in our body respond to the signals we send out. Our thoughts create our H2O reality. We are 60% water. Which means, we are the only thing that can clean it  all of this mess up – outer and inner world. We are the ones, individually and collectively that create that which we want and don’t want.

Today is international water day. What’s our H2O Reality?


If we are all each 60% water and our thoughts are polluting water externally and internally, aren’t we getting that we are on some kind of “Coutdown”?  When will we reach the ‘tipping point’ of no return? Or can we begin to reverse all of this?  Starting now?

So what can we ‘single’, little inconsequential citizens of the world do?


If this theory of our thoughts are the single most influential tool we have to use while living on this planet TODAY, we can unite to all have thoughts like our amazing elders and environmental luminaries like Dr. Lipton and BLESS THE WATER.  In other words, bless ourselves.  Like Dr. Emoto’s brilliant water experiments showed the world before he passed away, we are what we think. And we are mostly water,  so wherever you are today, get in touch with the water you have access to and as you take a drink, say a blessing or at least have a thought that is positive to put into ‘it’.   Better still, how about a positive thought about the water in ‘you’.


“You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop.”