A Coincidence?… Not on your life!

SyncroI recently had a conversation with someone in my Zurich writer’s group, Margaret, about potential subjects for my new activity of blogging.

I launched into a very controversial topic: ‘coincidences’ or rather, the lack of them. I told her I didn’t believe in them. As we talked, she noted, “Everyone’s had one of those ‘What just happened?!’ moments. When you say, ‘That was so weird and way beyond luck – too coincidental!’”

Margaret shared an experience of when she was a teenager driving down the coast with her equally young boyfriend on vacation. They were on a random stretch of highway when their car broke down – a dire situation in the time before cell phones. The pair didn’t know how to fix the car and there was no help in sight. Without any other options, they figured they would just wait for the engine to cool off and try to start it again. But as they sat there waiting, out of nowhere, a tow truck pulled up.

The driver got out, walked over to them and asked if they had called for help. Margaret and her boyfriend shook their heads in wonderment. “Well, that’s weird!” the driver replied. “A woman called 20 minutes ago asking for help, but we’ve been up and down this stretch of highway twice and couldn’t find her. Well, do you guys want a tow? We’re headed back to the garage now, anyway.”

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I have a theory about what takes us from thinking “Ah, coincidence!” to knowing it’s a ‘synchronicity’; from random to divinely orchestrated.  It’s what allowed me to become a medium.  Curious?