4 Feng Shui Tips For More Wealth & Happiness

Here are some quick ‘fixes’ for your office, bedrooms and front door area from Feng Shui consultant, Kristi Stangeland.


  1. Feug Shui Tips Via Laura HeseltonPut a new intention into an object or area in your house you would like to work on. Tell it what you want the change to do for you.
  2. If your staircase in your entrance directly faces the front door, you can hang a crystal between the door and the stairs. The idea is to reflect and disperse the energy from inside your home back into itself, instead of letting it fly out the door.
  3. Be sure that your bed isn’t directly in line with the doorway. Again, prevent all other household energies from rushing in.
  4. Ensure that from your desk, you can see the door to your office. If you can’t because you face towards a wall or away from the door, put a mirror that is convex in front of you to make the correction. You’ll then be able to see the door via the mirror.