30 Day Challenge!

30_day_challengeWhen staying with the Blasbergs in Boston last week, Jeannie my host, was telling me a cool thing she and her husband John were doing.  Since February, they have been giving themselves “30-day challenges” to do something different each month — something they have always wanted to do but have never done before. They’ve gone on a gluten-free diet; meditated at 5:30 am every day before sunrise; and now they are writing every day to someone new that they haven’t connected with in a while. What a wonderful idea!

As an aside…It reminded me of a short film by Christian Vuissa, “The Letter Writer.” The Letter Writer is an exceptionally beautiful piece about an elderly man who went through a daily ritual of getting out his fountain pen, exquisite paper and writing a touching note to a different person each day.  In his letters he attempts to say how much that person matters and means as it relates to “the bigger picture,” and that their individual contributions should not go unnoticed.  What we don’t know at the end of the film is whether he knows the people of whose names he got out of the telephone book or not.  Imagine, getting one of those letters saying “you make a difference!” So, I surrender my soul, and say it to you, especially in this world of electronic words and communication.  And I can’t have you going through life not knowing that you make a difference, to me, and to the world.

Back to the 30-day challenge — what a neat idea. I’m writing this bit on the flight back to Zurich and thinking about what I will do first! What have you always wanted to do and just haven’t had the chance to?

Join me and let me know how it goes.

Photo Credit: Yoga 80