Our Day’s End

Trigger Warning:  Sensitive material When I was on an island in Georgian Bay, Canada on vacation this month, I heard the news of the death of Robin Williams. What a talent. What a man. What a gift of funny. What I find comforting in talking to those who have crossed over about suicide is that they tell me it’s not about judging the act. Suicide is merely a chosen exit point. If our work is done … [Read more...]

Family Matters

This week, I got an email from a loving cousin of mine who is from north of Toronto and was heading out to Vancouver to go visit her mom, who is now living there with her brother. We planned to try and connect her mom with her dad, who had passed away. Of course, it’s out of my control if her dad would grace us with his bigger-than-life self, but wonderfully he accommodated us. I find it so … [Read more...]

A Coincidence?… Not on your life!

I recently had a conversation with someone in my Zurich writer’s group, Margaret, about potential subjects for my new activity of blogging. I launched into a very controversial topic: ‘coincidences’ or rather, the lack of them. I told her I didn’t believe in them. As we talked, she noted, “Everyone’s had one of those ‘What just happened?!’ moments. When you say, ‘That was so weird and way beyond … [Read more...]

30 Day Challenge!

When staying with the Blasbergs in Boston last week, Jeannie my host, was telling me a cool thing she and her husband John were doing.  Since February, they have been giving themselves “30-day challenges” to do something different each month — something they have always wanted to do but have never done before. They’ve gone on a gluten-free diet; meditated at 5:30 am every day before sunrise; and … [Read more...]

How do I know?

About 10 years ago when I first moved to Zurich, I was working on a film outline about a woman living abroad who comes into a psychic ability …. when BAM! It suddenly became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was so confused as it unfolded. Was I intended to be a psychic or just write about one? I reached out to an old friend in Atlanta, Lisa Bufton, who is a Medium. She gave me my first moment of … [Read more...]