Manifesting: Give your left judging brain a rest! Podcast 2016 from Costa Rica Meditation is a skill that will allow you to access information on demand and help you avoid prolonged periods of painful indecision with answers, plus it can be part of your manifesting strategy. Yes, it takes practice to listen and trust your sixth sense or Intuitive Intelligence. Next time you lose your keys, stop and take … [Read more...]

Mind Bending!

Believing that it's true: False beliefs are a well known obstacle to achieving anything. If you think that you can't play soccer then this will be reflected in your performance and you won't perform well. First Believe, Then Do! The first step to develop a skill is to believe that you can do it. I've tried spoon bending by thinking I CAN make the metal soft and then was able to twist it three … [Read more...]

Dear Dad in Heaven

A client yesterday and a cousin recently, who lost their Dads, both asked a similar question about how soon after our loved ones leave the earth plane can they communicate back to us. In my experience, I have found they do it even while crossing. I've had many people tell me their mother, grandmother or brother came to them in their sleep to say goodbye and then they find out in the morning … [Read more...]


A wee story - You know I have been on topic of self healing and doing everything virtually on Skype this month .... What a day I had on Monday! I didn’t realise I had booked an "emotional restroom" release session with Rochele Hirsch - the "must meet" author of Relationship Chemistry and Spiritual Reaction Code Release Specialist, back to back with a session with Shamanic Healer Katie Oberlin. … [Read more...]

Relationships: Are “Button Pushers” Really Catalysts for Inner Change?

I love this topic! Because it's true, there are some people who get right under your skin and the mere mention of their name has you tensing up. There is usually a pattern of negative behaviour with this person and it always is an exhausting history. Are YOU ready to take steps to change this dynamic and reach a better you?  Let’s make 2015 a win/win year for you and the people who push your … [Read more...]

What were you thinking?!

I sat down mid January to write you, but my computer, like my life, has been speaking to me very loudly for the last two weeks. If two trips to the Apple Store still wouldn't let me do the final edit of January/February's newsletter over the weekend, it's a sign to let something go; the message, the format or the how. I thought, "AH!  Scrap it!" Ok, maybe something a little stronger. Then it … [Read more...]

My Estée Lauder Moment of Courage

Read this before you begin setting your New Year's Resolutions for 2015...Maybe it’ll fire you up for a bit of living beyond limits. Back in the early 90's, we lived not too far from Philadelphia and New York in New Town, Pennsylvania; around the time the movie "Philadelphia" with Tom Hanks was being shot.   An outrageously creative and fearless friend of mine, Michele, was one … [Read more...]

Numerology: Does it carry an ultimate reality?

In around 530 BC, Pythagorus, the infamous Ionian Greek mathematician, numerologist and astrologist, moved to Croton and started a movement you may have heard of called Pythagireanism.  It was a  system of esoteric and metaphysical beliefs that linked knowledge of music, astronomy and mathmatics. It was said that he was the first man to call himself a philosopher, or lover of wisdom. And of … [Read more...]

Burning Witches: Medieval or Modern?

Mediums connect with spirits who have passed away or with ghosts. Witches, such as in Bewitched, whisper spells to chant or practice magic, while wizards like Albus Dumbledore, are another type, specifically a conjurer. Back in the day, all three types were forbidden, on pain of death, to practice their “deceptions.” Burnings came about from magic-use accusations, used to damage rivals. … [Read more...]

What If … we could be healed… of anything!

What if anything was possible? …What if we could all be healed? The other day I received an email from Nick Ortner. He wrote the book ‘The Tapping Solution.’  I watched his powerful YouTube video about The Tapping Solution Foundation's efforts to help heal people using the method of  EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) or “Tapping”. Recently, they went to assist after the tragic massacre of Sandy … [Read more...]