Numerology: Does it carry an ultimate reality?

In around 530 BC, Pythagorus, the infamous Ionian Greek mathematician, numerologist and astrologist, moved to Croton and started a movement you may have heard of called Pythagireanism. It was a system of esoteric and metaphysical beliefs that linked knowledge of music, astronomy and mathmatics.

It was said that he was the first man to call himself a philosopher, or lover of wisdom. And of course, Pythagorean theories are still in use today and played a great influence on Plato, and through him, all of Western philosophy.


To Pythagorus, numbers were not only practical for measuring and calculating, but he also discovered a very profound window into exploring our own individual or ‘ultimate reality’. He believed that if we assigned numbers to the alphabet, we could uncover a treasure trove of information about ourselves; our personality, talents, life path, karma and our destiny.
There are of course all kinds of systems which have been developed over the years. I’m to a system that takes people’s birth numbers to help them explore their true life’s purpose, passion, gifts and ‘inner wiring’ or road blocks. Like Pythagorus, I feel like I’ve stumbled on a magical connection that is nothing short of amazing and life changing. I’ve been using this tool in my coaching sessions to reveal people’s true life’s path for over five years, but try this quick on-line link for your profile.

Perhaps for you, this idea that ‘numbers’ can hold incredible information and insight about you is either hog wash or old hat and you love it. I’m sure you’ve said the same of horoscopes in the newspapers. “How can it possibly be individual or specific to me?” Right?

Here’s a theory I have. You test it for yourself.

I’m sure you’ve hear of “The Law of Attraction” from the book or movie called “The Secret”. The law states that whatever we focus on, we get more of and like the law like gravity, it works whether we acknowledge it or not. This means that when it comes to numerology or astrology or anything for that matter, what you believe dictates if it will work for you or not. If you believe it will have a validating message it will. If you don’t… It’s not going to reap any accurate results. Play with it and see if it’s true or not for you.

I tested this theory out this morning and there is a catch. I went to a random numerology site: believing I would get something and it was absolutely ACCURATE. Pegged me entirely as a #10 and what goes with that. Try it.

Then to see if I could do the reverse, I thought to myself: “This numerology is absolute nonsense!” I went to another googled site, Daily Numberscope:   In that system I got the number 9.  It said “Humanitarian”.   That was when I hit the glitch.  I had a problem.  I couldn’t undo my ‘belief’ that there would be helpful or accurate information there. I tried saying, “I won’t get anything!”, but inside, I wasn’t buying it, so I couldn’t ‘attract’ the unsuccessful result. I did try a couple of times and all but one of the numerological sites spoke accurately to where I was. I couldn’t fool the system.

Like wise, back at the beginning of September, I experienced the same with astrology in the newspaper. I look up my horoscopes sign; Capricorn and as best I could translate from German it said: “Boredom brings creativity to bubble, the most exciting discovery this week. Dates cancel, maybe nothing.”

The night before was a Film Meet Up idea sharing session and I had agreed to cancel all appointments and commitments for a week to make our short film for the Zurich Film Fest. Our desire to work together to create the film was the most amazing discovery of the week. Again, numerology or astrology, yours to discover.

(Here’s a site with the Pythagorean system :